Life on the course made easy with the best golf cart bags in 2024

The complete guide to the best golf cart bags available in 2024.

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The best golf bags come in either a stand or a cart option to cater to golfers who like to carry or who like to push. If you’re one of the many golf cart users in the world then you need a reliable cart bag that fits securely on them and allows you to transport everything you need around the course.

We’ve picked the best golf cart bags on the market with something to suit every taste and need, from multiple pockets to lightweight, waterproof to sustainable. Plus, we’ve scoured the internet for the best prices to ensure you’re getting a great deal.

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If you’re struggling to find a golf bag that suits your needs here and may find more use carrying, then take a look at our guide to the Best Golf Stand Bags.

Best golf cart bags shortlist

Best overall cart bag: Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag VIEW OFFER 

Best lightweight cart bag: Titleist Cart 14 Cart Bag VIEW OFFER 

Best waterproof cart bag: Motocaddy Dry Series Cart Bag VIEW OFFER 

Best value cart bag: Cobra Ultralight Pro Cart Bag | VIEW OFFER 

Best premium cart bag: Vessel Lux XV 2.0 Cart Bag VIEW OFFER

Best looking cart bag: OGIO All Elements Cart Bag VIEW OFFER 

Best Golf Cart Bags

Best golf cart bag

This may be one of Callaway’s best cart bags to date, the latest version of the Org 14 just builds on the success of previous iterations that have done so well.

It isn’t the lightest bag in the world but when it has 11 easy-access pockets, a full-length 14-way divider, and the innovative lowrider technology which makes the bag a perfect partner for most modern push and pull golf carts.

One of my favorite features is the rapid access snap pocket which makes it easy to grab any frequently used valuables through the round. With over 10 different colorways and a modern design the Org 14 will certainly look the part for any golfer on the course.


  • Easy to move around
  • Sleek design
  • Plenty of storage


  • Not fully waterproof
Weight: 3.2kg/ 7lbs
Pockets: 11
Waterproof: No
Colors: 6

Best cart bag for practicality

The Traverse is becoming well-known for how light of a cart bag it is and it just keeps getting better with the latest version of the bag weighing half a pound lighter than previous models at 5.5lb (2.5kg) making it much easier to shift from home to the course.

The bag is now available in nine color options giving plenty of choice for every type of golfer. The bag is full of handy features such as the cart strap channel which make life on the buggy a breeze, and the padded 14-way top divider simplifies organization, even for the messiest of golfers.

As expected with a good cart bag, they come with an abundance of storage space, and the Traverse is not short on that with a total of 11 pockets including full-length apparel pockets and a velour-lined valuables pocket. 


  • Pockets are easily accessible
  • Light and easy to move around
  • Plenty of storage


  • Not the most secure on a cart
Weight: 2.5kg/ 5.5lbs
Pockets: 11
Waterproof: No
Colors: 4

Best lightweight cart bag

Titleist make a really good family of cart bags and this lightweight option is a great choice for Titleist fans who need to lug their kit from the garage to the golf course and/or lift it into a high SUV boot.

Simple and highly functional, it has a 14-way top cuff and dedicated putter well along with a strap loop and specially-designed base for easy use and stability with your cart.

There are 11 easy-access pockets, regardless of whether your bag is on a cart or buggy, including spaces for your valuables, drinks, accessories, and apparel. The ball pocket has a removable cover that can be customized and there’s a useful velcro glove holder.

The single strap and carry handles make it easy to lift and carry when required and five simple but impactful color options provide something for every taste. Includes a matching rain hood.


  • Lightweight
  • Quality material and zips
  • Simple design


  • Clubs rattled a little during round
Weight: 2.6kg/ 5.7lbs
Pockets: 11
Waterproof: No
Colors: 10
If it's a premium bag you're after then look no further! For those who aren't bothered by price and are after a quality cart bag to stand the test of time, the Lux XV 2.0 is the bag for you. Vessel make some great tour bags and you may well know them for that but they also make some great stand and cart bags too.

At $455 the bag has to back up the price point and it does exactly that with its sheer quality. Other than the bag weighing in as one of the heaviest on the market pushing nearly 10 lbs it certainly wins and tops many of the other categories.

Many products in today's game lack the build quality you desire for the money you pay so it was refreshing to see that the Lux XV 2.0 is well-built and constructed with premium materials everywhere you look. The synthetic leather body and the waterproof zippers give this bag the premium look you desire, the subtle branding and neat pocket handles all add up to something rather impressive.

I'm not sure Vessel got the memo you're only allowed 14 clubs! The bag has a full-length 15-way top divider with a neat putter well which is velour-lined. I was a huge fan of the magnetic pockets and the premium handles you use to open them. With a total of 15 outer pockets and 7 inner pockets, there is too much room in this golf bag I'd like to see someone attempt to fill it up with the essentials because I couldn't.


  • High-quality materials
  • Tonnes of storage space
  • Waterproof
  • 15-way divider with velour-lined putter well


  • The bag is heavy

Best looking cart bag

Underneath all the razzmatazz of OGIO’s standout design is a high-quality cart bag that’s perfect for all occasions and will certainly bring some eyes to you on the first tee box.

Being a great all-rounder, the bag features waterproof fabric and seams along with a waterproof valuables pocket to keep the essentials safe from the elements.

The bag has OGIO’s wonderfully designed 15-way WOODĒ top which works great at ensuring all your clubs are separated in the bag protecting them from damage, they’ve even thrown in an extra slot for things such as training aids or alignment sticks.

A pouch for the bag strap is another cool feature and with 11 pockets the bag is super practical with room for everything from your snacks and drinks to your waterproofs.


  • Waterproof pockets
  • WOODĒ Top great for organization
  • Great in all conditions


  • Colorways won’t be for all golfers
Weight: 2.6kg/ 5.69lbs
Pockets: 11
Waterproof: Yes
Colors: 8
The Motocaddy Dry Series cart bag is one of the lightest cart bags available, and whilst weight obviously isn’t as important with cart bags as it is with carry bags, it does make it easier to maneuver in and out of the car, etc.

Nine pockets is fewer than some other cart bags featured here, but there’s plenty of space and a useful insulated food and drinks pocket.

The feature list is extensive – anything you could possibly want is included in the Dry Series – and as the name would suggest, it’s fully waterproof.


  • Secures onto most cart
  • Fully waterproof
  • User-friendly design


  • Only comes in grey with colored trims
Weight: 2.9kg/ 6.4lb
Pockets: 9
Waterproof: Yes
Colors: 4

Best golf bag for all seasons

Price: $342.17
Big Max make a great range of cart and stand bags for year-round UK golf, especially as we’re sadly accustomed to relatively poor weather here.

This makes the 100% waterproof Aqua Sport 3 a very sensible option. The sealed seams and waterproof zips keep out the rain, and there are plenty of color choices, too.

The super practical Aqua Sport 3 has nine waterproof pockets keeping the elements from damaging your golf gear, and a 14-way top divider keeps all your clubs perfectly organized on the course and even has a cool XL putter well to fit any style of putter and grip.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Plenty of storage
  • Nice big grab handles


  • Bulkier golf bag
Weight: 2.4kg/ 5.3lbs
Pockets: 9
Waterproof: Yes
Colors: 2

Best streamlined cart bag

The C-130 is Sun Mountain’s best-selling cart bag and every aspect has been designed with cart use in mind. It features a reverse-orientation top, utility handles, and a locking bottom which will keep it securely in place once mounted. All of the pockets are front-facing, making it easy to access your clubs when using a cart.

The 13 pockets include a cooler pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, a detachable rangefinder pocket, a full-length clothing pocket, and multiple accessory pockets. You will never be short of storage with the C-130!

Sun Mountain always produce high-quality, durable golf bags, and the C-130 is no exception. It even features reinforced fabric in potential “wear areas” to help extend the bag’s lifespan. There’s a rain hood included but the bag isn’t fully waterproof, so you’ll want to mount an umbrella to your cart if playing in particularly wet conditions.


  • Great color choice
  • Convenient grab handles make transport easy
  • Lots of storage space


  • At 7lb it is on the heavier side
Weight: 3.2kg/ 7lb
Pockets: 13
Waterproof: No
Colors: 11

Best premium golf cart bag

With electric cart sales surging over the last decade, Motocaddy have become one of the UK’s biggest cart bag suppliers. That’s because golfers like cart bags that sit perfectly on their cart, as theirs are designed to do, so the pair are regularly now bought together.

The Pro-Series is a premium bag, made with PU/Nylon materials and boasting nine spacious pockets. I love the large insulated food and drinks pockets, balls pocket the full-length apparel pocket. Two dedicated waterproof spaces for valuables ensure your most important possessions are safe.

The 14-way full-length divider top makes it easy to keep your clubs organized and the jumbo putter well ensures it’s suitable for most modern putter grips.

The bag is easy to lift thanks to the built-in handle and the internal umbrella sleeve ensures quick and easy access if the heavens open.

Other impressive features include a towel and accessory hook, scorecard and pencil holders, waterproof rain hood, and an anti-twist base (also compatible with Motocaddy’s EASILOCK bag systems) which keeps your bag safe and secure on your cart.


  • Easy access pockets
  • High-quality materials
  • Convenient putter well


  • Bulky design
Weight: 3.2kg/ 7lbs
Pockets: 9
Waterproof: No
Colors: 3
I love this bag. The styling, the finish, and the subtle branding are all big plus points. It just oozes quality. Nero is one of the highest-quality golf bags I’ve ever used with the Tour Synthetic leather providing a great finish but also easy to keep clean. It matches the quality of Stewart Golf cartss.

The base is perfect for use with the brand’s carts, but I’ve tried it on both a Motocaddy and PowaKaddy and it remains nice and secure. The 14 dividers ensure it’s easy to organize your clubs and protect the shafts, while the putter well can house even the fattest of grips. You get nine pockets, two of which are velour-lined for your valuables, but it’s the big insulated front pocket that fits all drinks bottles, and the easy-access magnetic pocket that really stands out.

Nero has dedicated spots for a glove and a pencil, which saves you from scrabbling around for them in the pockets, and the dedicated umbrella sheath ensures you never have to leave any vital accessories behind. It’s the small touches that make golf bags stand out and Stewart haven’t missed a trick. The carry handles and soft shoulder strap make it easy to transport and the polished aluminum clip, where I attach my towel, brush, and rangefinder case, is robust and a touch of class.


  • Solid base which fits most carts
  • High quality
  • Plenty of storage
  • Love the magnetic pocket


  • Only one color option
For TaylorMade hitting the brief is a regular occurrence now and for a brand not known for their golf bags, this is a welcome addition to the lineup. Whether you're a fan of TaylorMade or just want to get your hands on a quality cart bag at a great price then the Cart Lite is the perfect consideration.

From the 14-way top to the 11 storage pockets this bag has everything a golfer needs to live the cart life on the course. I'm a big fan of the design and think the blend of simplistic and practical works so well, the bag comes in six different colorways giving you plenty of options depending on your preference, my personal favorite being the black and tan.

At just 5lb (2.3kg) the Cart Lite is lightweight and I found it easy to maneuver in and out of the car, clubs are heavy enough these days, and partner that with a heavy golf bag it can tire you out before you've even hit a ball. I found that life with the bag itself to be a breeze, there is plenty of room for all of your golf junk in the bag and it keeps your clubs well-organized so taking clubs in and out of the bag was easy, and most importantly no rubbing or resistance when taking the clubs out or putting them back.


  • Plenty of color choice
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and practical design


  • No magnetic pocket
Designed with the golfer in mind, the Ultralight Pro is in my expert opinion the best-value cart bag of 2024. The bag is lightweight at just 5lbs (2.3kg), it has an abundance of storage space and a 14-way divider ensuring your clubs are well organized on the course.

For me, a cart bag must do a few things to be considered a great bag and one of them is to have plenty of forward-facing storage pockets which is exactly what this bag offers. There are six front-facing pockets which are easily accessible both on a golf cart. A magnetic rangefinder, cooler, valuables, and ball pocket allow quick and easy access to all the necessary items you need out on the course. The built-in Pass-Thru means that none of these pockets are hindered when on a cart

There may be a lack of color choices but I was impressed by the overall appearance of the bag. Nothing too garish, the design is simple and will appeal to a mass of golfers. I personally like a grab handle on the front of the bag but when you have two prominent handles on the top of the bag it makes up for it and I found hauling the bag in and out of the car and onto a cart a breeze causing me no issues.


  • Plenty of front-facing storage
  • Clever magnetic rangefinder pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Great value


  • Lack of color options

Golf bags: Buying Guide

There are a range of key factors to consider when thinking about buying a golf bag and we have delved into these below…


As with many golf products, price is usually at the forefront of every golfer’s mind. With golf bags, there is a style, a type, and a price for everyone. If you want a stand bag that is nice and cheap and will do the job there is plenty out there for you. Or if you want something more premium such as a waterproof cart bag then there are plenty of them too.

Bag Type

It’s as simple as, Do I want a stand bag or a cart bag? if you can’t make your mind up there are also hybrid stand bags that are good for both but for now, let’s keep it simple. Both types of bags have positives and negatives depending on what you want out of them, so you should think about exactly what will best help your game.

A cart bag is for someone that uses either a golf buggy or golf cart on the course. If you’re this golfer then find a bag that has plenty of storage space and is good at keeping your clubs organized as it will make your life much easier. Cart bags are much bigger and bulkier than stand bags so finding one that is lightweight and easy to haul from your garage to the course will benefit you.

A stand bag is for a golfer who prefers to walk around the course carrying their golf clubs. If you’re a golfer that loves to carry then factors such as weight and comfort will be most important as they’re going to be on your back for 18 holes. Even though the bags are smaller finding one with good storage can help as there is not much room in comparison to a cart bag, as you’re constantly taking the bag on and off getting one that is nice and robust with strong legs and good support is key.


Most brands nowadays strive to make the lightest bag on the market whether that be a stand or a cart bag as making life easier is something most golfers want. A lightweight stand bag is great as it’s on your shoulders the whole round and you don’t want it fatiguing you before the 18th hole. A cart bag isn’t required nor expected to be lightweight however the lighter it is the easier it is going to be to shift from home, to the car, to the course.


Having a waterproof golf bag may not be essential but it’s certainly something to consider and being prepared for the heavens to open is a no-brainer. If you live somewhere like I do in the UK then you’ll know that it can be wet all year round and can also rain when you least expect it, so getting a waterproof bag to look after your clubs and valuables is great. For many of you who live in warmer dryer climates this factor may be something you brush over and not worry about.


A bag with tonnes of pockets is great, you have loads of room for your apparel, balls, gloves, valuables, and accessories. On a stand bag, you may have to compromise some weight the more pockets you have on your bag as it will be heavier and you’re carrying around more stuff. But stand bags can be simple and keep things light with only a few pockets it’s just a case of only packing the essentials for the course.

Cart bags on the other hand tend to have an abundance of storage spaces with bags like the Mizuno BR-D4 having an amazing 20 different places to keep your things. As cart bags are bigger they tend to have larger pockets and as you’re not carrying them around the course you can fill them with more stuff, whether that be a buffet for the 10th tee or a full set of waterproofs.


Whether you want a stand or a cart, there is a design out there for everybody. Brands have bags that are more garish to help you stand out on the course or something a little more subtle to help you blend in. Most bags whether it be a cart or a stand have similar designs, so it may be worth considering the style or colorway you want.

Best golf cart bags: FAQs

Can you use a tour bag on a golf cart?

Yes, a tour bag will fit on a golf cart but you need to keep in mind that a staff bag is generally bigger and heavier than most cart bags and are not designed to fit perfectly so may be more awkward than a regular cart bag.

Can you put a golf bag on a cart?

If you use a cart then a cart bag is ideal. It is a bigger style of bag with more storage, plenty of room for 14 clubs, and all the extra space for drinks, food, and accessories such as umbrellas, towels, and rangefinders.

Modern cart bags are designed with golfers in mind, the pockets are easy to access and club dividers make it simple to retrieve your clubs. They often come with a cart-friendly base which makes the bag more secure when going over rough terrain and stops it from sliding around.

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