Best Golf Rain Gloves 2023


What are the best golf rain gloves to help your grip the club when it’s wet on the golf course?

We don’t know many golfers who would rather play in the rain than in dry weather, but given the choice of that or no golf at all, we’ll get wet every day of the week and we have some of the best golf gloves to help you do just that.

But there’s no denying that playing golf in the rain presents its own set of challenges, the main one is feeling like you’re losing control of your clubs because you’ve got wet grips, hands, and gloves. 

Fortunately, nowadays there are gloves specifically designed to help when playing in the rain or humid conditions. Sold individually or in pairs, wet-weather golf gloves feature technology that aids traction can even help to keep your hands warm.

Of course, you need more to play in inclement conditions than a waterproof golf glove, so make sure you check out our reviews of the best golf sunglassesgolf beltsgolf trousersthermal jacketswaterproof jackets, waterproof trousers, waterproof shoesmid-layers, base layerswinter glovesrain glovesbeaniesgolf mitts and umbrellas to help keep you dry, warm and comfortable on the golf course.

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Price: £24.99 (pair)

British golfer Aaron Rai, a two time European tour winner, loves MacWet gloves so much he wears a pair every time he plays, no matter what the weather. If you want proof of how good they are when it rains, just check out the footage of his victory at 2020’s Scottish Open where Storm Alex produced some of the worst conditions we’ve ever seen!

They’re our waterproof golf glove of choice with a pair living in the bag all year and worn for every round throughout the winter months. Not only are they fully waterproof and breathable, they give you unrivalled grip when it rains, gripping more the wetter they get.

They’re also incredibly durable. We’ve used ours across two seasons and, because they’re machine washable, they still look fantastic.

The MacWet Aquatec can be worn all year-round – just wear one glove in normal to dry and humid conditions and wear the pair when it’s wet or damp. 

In use, MacWet gloves dry naturally within five-10 minutes, keeping performance consistent without the need to change gloves. There’s also an impressive choice of sizes, from XS (6.5cm acrossthe four finger knuckles of your hand) to XXL (10.5cm). For us, this is the ultimate wet weather golf glove.
Sizes XS-XXL
Colours Black
Price: £12 (single) / £19 (pair)

The RainGrip can be brought individually or as a pair. We’d suggest that for a few extra quid it’s worth getting the pair for even more wet weather grip.

FootJoy’s autosuede knitted palm and index finger gives excellent wet or humid weather grip. The QuikDry material is also breathable and very durable, plus it won’t hold moisture for long to ensure you remain comfortable.

Includes a tee holder and removable ball marker on the back of the glove. We’ve tried plenty of rain and winter golf gloves over the years and the FootJoy RainGrip are among the very best.
Sizes S-XL
Colours Black
Galvin Green are the kings when it comes to waterproof golf clothing and their Lewis gloves are an ideal adddition to your golf bag for the winter. Featuring Interface-1 technology they are water resistant and completely windproof to help keep your hands warm when the temperatures drop.

Cabretta leather palms and super tacky finger tips provide excellent grip during colder months, while excellent breathability ensures the hands remain warm without getting damp or sweaty.

Very durable, easy to wash and maintain and, as you’d expect, a high-quality finish, the Lewis is a wet weather golf glove that justifies the price. Available in men’s and women’s models.

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Sizes S-XL
Colours Black

Price: £29.99
Amazon Amazon Prime
A technical microfiber material means the Rain Control give up to 40% more grip than a traditional glove in wet conditions.

Numbers like that make us think it’s always worth having a pair tucked in your bag for whenever the heavens open. They dry impressively quickly and, from our experience, the nylon fabric is extremely durable.

They’re also one of the best fitting and feeling gloves that we’ve tried thanks to the ultra-thin microfibre suede. Assuming you look after them then it’ll be £26.99 well spent on one of the best golf rain gloves out there.

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Sizes S-XL
Colours Black

Rrp: £21.95

Price: £17.95 - £19.99
Arguably the best looking among our selection of waterproof and water resistant golf gloves, the UA Storm tech repels the rain but doesn’t sacrifice breathabilty, ensuring your hands stay cool and dry in all conditions.

The textured palm is very comfortable and provides impressive grip when it’s wet while the seam taping creates a smooth finish. 

Made from nylon, polyurethane and elastane, the UA Storm is durable and flexible.
Sizes S-XXL
Colours Grey/Blue

Rrp: £14.95

Price: £14.48
The microfibre suede palm gives enhanced grip when the heavens open while the Opti Flex material provides a premium fit and feel along with increased flexibility.

Callaway have used X-Spann material between the fingers which has improved moisture wicking, breathability and flexibility, while the stretch binding cuff makes the glove more secure and helps absorb moisture to help keep the palms dry.

The Opti Fit adjustable closure is thin and light and ensures a secure fit.

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Sizes S-XL
Colours Black

Shane Lowry won The Open at Royal Portrush in horrendous conditions in 2019 but the Srixon staffer had no problems with grip during that wet final round as he swapped his normal Srixon Cabretta Leather glove for one of the brand’s wet weather models.  

The quick-dry knit material guarantees optimum breathability, and microfibre suede palms ensure you won’t lose grip in wet weather.

Flexible and comfortable, these high-quality rain gloves mean you can stay on your game, no matter how bad the weather.

A great wet weather glove should dry quickly and the Srixon certainly does thanks to the knit material. A great pair of gloves at a very good great price.
Sizes S-XL
Colours Black
Price: £16.95
A Japanese developed synthetic suede increases the RainFit’s grip in wet weather, while Mizuno’s FitBridge ensures a snug fit between the forefinger and palm. The microfibre suede palm performs impressively, no matter how wet it gets.

Flexible mesh inserts provide comfort and breathability while a wider, moisture absorbing wristband provides a more comfortable fit and the velcro pull tab to ensure a secure, firm and tight fit.

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Sizes S-XL
Colours Black
StormGrip suede in the palm provides maximum grip in wet conditions, while the tailored lightweight mesh cuff provides an optimal fit and feel. We particularly like that Cobra has made the index finger touch screen compatible, making it an ideal choice for those of us who use apps, a GPS device or watch around the course.

The DWR coating, a special moisture membrane, helps keep hands dry.
Sizes S-XL
Colours Black

Rrp: £18.99

Price: £17.99
Amazon Amazon Prime
Never heard of them? No, neither had we until recently. We spotted the Jeantet Sport on Amazon, where they have a 4.5/5 rating from 265 reviews, and ordered a pack to to find out if they can compete with the bigger brands. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality and performance, especially when you consider that they’re less than £5.50 per glove.

They fit very well and the moisture wicking material is breathable, flexible and lightweight. We first wore ours on a warm but rainy summer’s day where they provided excellent grip, even when our hand was hot and the rain was falling pretty heavily. Based on the few rounds we used ours for we wouldn’t expect each glove to last as long as a more premium model, but with three gloves for £15.99 that isn’t really a major problem.

They’re also available in pairs (black, white, grey, green, blue) for £11.99.
Sizes S-XL
Colours Black or White

And if your hands feel the cold

Rrp: £39.90

Price: £38.90
Rechargeable electric hand warmers are a brilliant idea, and with more than 9,000 results from an Amazon search, there’s tons of options out there. If you want to stick with a brand name, lighter legends Zippo make a cracking model. The 9s will not only keep your hands warm, it will also recharge your phone if you happen to run out of juice – a really useful option after spending several hours on the golf course. Expect six heat settings and a nine-hour run time.
Colours Silver, Black or Gold
Warranty Two years

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- Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections.