Stay dry on the green with the best waterproof golf shoes in 2024

What are the best waterproof golf shoes that will keep your stance solid and your feet dry all season long?

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Waterproof Golf Shoes
Buying Guide

As golfers, we’re no strangers to the challenges posed to us and our golf shoes by the autumn and winter rounds – or for us in the UK, the ever-present possibility of rainy days even in spring and summer! In the quest for peak performance, waterproof golf shoes have become an indispensable part of our gear. Fortunately, today’s options offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and protection from the elements.

Over the past five years, the golf shoe market has seen an influx of new brands, providing players with an unprecedented array of choices. While established leaders like adidas, Ecco, FootJoy, Nike, and Under Armour continue to produce top-quality footwear, they now face stiff competition from emerging players such as Skechers, Payntr, Duca Del Cosma, and G/Fore. This diversity means there’s a perfect waterproof shoe out there for every golfer, regardless of skill level.

And let’s not overlook the modern winter golf boot. Once dismissed for their aesthetics, these boots are now a viable option, particularly for those who frequent muddy parkland tracks. Therefore, we’ve dedicated a special section to explore these options further.

Whether you opt for a traditional waterproof golf shoe or venture into the realm of winter boots, a longer waterproof guarantee offers added peace of mind. While a one-year guarantee is typical, certain manufacturers and models extend this to two years, ensuring prolonged protection against wet conditions.

The best waterproof golf shoes 2024 shortlist:

Best waterproof golf shoe: FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe VIEW OFFER

Best spiked waterproof golf shoe: adidas Tour360 24 Golf Shoe VIEW OFFER

Best spikeless waterproof golf shoe: FootJoy Pro/SLX Golf Shoe VIEW OFFER

We’ll delve into the world of waterproof golf shoes, exploring options suited to every golfer’s needs and preferences. From classic brands to newcomers shaking up the market, we’ll help you navigate through the plethora of choices available. Whether you’re seeking comfort for a casual round or high-performance gear for competitive play, our guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to make an informed decision. So, let’s step confidently onto the course, knowing that our feet are protected, whatever the weather may bring.

Best waterproof golf shoes 2024

Carbon and comfort combine to create the best-spiked golf shoe of 2024

FootJoy have taken the use of carbon fibre to a new level with HyperFlex, developing a sole power plate to help golfers with stability and ground leverage.

The carbon fibre plate partners with an OrthoLite ‘fitbed’ designed to mould to your feet over time for a perfect fit. We’re only a few rounds in with our pair, but the fit has definitely improved and was impressive straight out of the box.

The HyperFlex is a comfortable trainer-style model but it still has the benefits of a year-round shoe. It has a 100% waterproof knit upper which is breathable, comfortable, and vitally has a stain-protected cleanable upper.

The padded heel gave us added comfort and support, and the knitted bootie is integrated into a thermoplastic wrap that surrounded our feet and helped control lateral movement. It also kept our feet stable through the swing.

Read our full FootJoy HyperFlex Carbon golf shoe review


  • Carbon power plate
  • Really supportive
  • Secure fit on foot and heal


  • Sock material hard to clean
Sizes 6-12
Color options 2
BOA option Yes
Waterproof Yes

Celebrating nearly two decades of innovation

The adidas Tour360 24 golf shoe, the latest iteration of a nearly two-decade legacy, embodies pinnacle performance engineering. Featuring innovations like the Torsion Bridge, Thintech 7-Spike Outsole, and Jet Boost cushioning, it delivers exceptional traction, stability, and comfort.

Crafted meticulously with premium materials, it offers an enhanced fit and uncompromising performance for golfers navigating uneven terrain or executing precision shots. Available in laced and BOA versions, it caters to diverse preferences and styles. Engineered for optimal performance, it's INSITE 2.0 Sockliner and Internal 360WRAP ensure precise fit and stability throughout the swing.

The Torsion Bridge and Jet Boost cushioning provide stability and comfort, while the Replaceable Thintech 7-spike outsole offers superior traction on any terrain. With features like a 'T-Shape' suede microfiber heel and waterproof leather upper, it's built to withstand diverse conditions without compromising style or performance. The Tour360 24 sets a new standard in golf footwear, blending style with substance for discerning golfers seeking unrivalled performance and comfort.


  • Improved heel support
  • Locked in fit
  • High-quality material
  • Super comfortable


  • Not found one yet
Sizes 6 – 12
Colours 4
Waterproof Yes

A much-needed update of an iconic golf shoe

Discover the game-changing FootJoy Pro/SLX series, designed to elevate your golfing experience with revolutionary traction, comfort, and control. Trusted for decades, FootJoy continues to innovate, delivering shoes that adapt to the evolving demands of the game.

The Pro/SLX and Pro/SLX Carbon mark a new era of innovation, boasting cutting-edge materials and advanced technologies. With features like the PWR TRAX System, Pro/SLX dynamically redistributes energy for maximum stability and traction, ensuring a grip that exceeds expectations on any course.

Crafted for supreme comfort, the StratoFoam midsole absorbs and returns energy with every step, while the 3D Molded Collar secures the foot for unparalleled comfort and a consistent fit. Enhanced stability during swings and ground engagement is ensured by the 3D X-Wing and FTF+ Foam, providing precision and control in every swing.

After testing I was full of praise for the Pro/SLX as it delivers on its promises, offering out-of-the-box comfort, waterproof durability, and responsive stability. I think the Carbon model with its 3D X-Wing, helps these shoes redefine traction and comfort, for superb performance on the course.


  • Better support than the previous model
  • Athletic look
  • Well thought through traction system
  • Super easy to clean


  • Yet to find one
Sizes 6 – 14
Colours 6
Waterproof Yes

A discreet partner for any outfit

The athletic-looking, tech-packed golf shoe worn by The major champion Jon Rahm. The updated Ringer 2 is a great all-rounder. It has a fully waterproof upper and the breathable Air-mesh liner helps to keep your feet comfortable and cool in the warmer weather.

The SweetSpot cushioning is not only lightweight but ensures the Ringer is as comfortable after 18 holes as it was on the 1st tee. On my feet, the first thing that struck me was how light and supportive they were. They looked great with trousers and shorts too!

I love the clean and simple look that's coupled with the discreet branding and it will appeal to a huge number of us who don’t want loud and brash. The excellent Softspikes, felt like they really hunkered into the turf during my swing, and are easily replaceable when required, which should extend the shoe’s life.


  • Subtle branding
  • Supportive insole
  • Breathable


  • Only neutral color options
Sizes 8 – 14
Colors 3
Waterproof Yes

Designed to make the most out of your swing

The Under Armour Drive Pro golf shoe blends stability, comfort, and performance to elevate your game. Developed with input from PGA Tour athletes like Jordan Spieth, it features a revolutionary Swing Support System, providing biomechanically correct support for enhanced swing power.

The custom TPU outsole offers superior traction, while the dual-density midsole with HOVR foam and Charged Cushioning ensures comfort and guides natural foot motion. The Swing Support Strap ensures a secure fit, enhancing stability during swings. I was full of praise for its sleek design, comfortable fit, and lightweight feel, with features like the curved heel and padded cuff adding to its appeal.

The shoe was a great complement to various outfits. Notably, I experienced increased ball speed and consistency of strike, indicating its performance benefits. Overall, the Under Armour Drive Pro delivers on its promise of stability, comfort, and performance, making it a standout choice for golfers seeking an edge on the course.


  • Great traction
  • Secure fit all around
  • Cushioned underfoot
  • Sleek design


  • A poor finish on the material around the tongue 
Sizes 7 – 13
Colours 4
Waterproof Yes

Supportive comfort with old-school styling for every occasion

From every angle, this is a striking piece of footwear and you have to hand it to Nike for creating something not quite like anything we’ve seen before. Visually the Victory Tour 3 looks the part and is super comfortable and supportive thanks to the foam heel delivering a soft smooth ride.

The old-school look with a few vibrant colours will really set your outfit off and have your playing partners jealous on the 1st tee. Partnering with superb traction from the new Tour Flex Pro Softspikes, you have a shoe that's perfect for practice or a trip to the course.

You'll have no concerns regarding keeping dry, so wet weather isn’t a problem and there is plenty of grip too. Unquestionably you will get a smooth ride from a shoe that is very waterproof. It is just that some players may not like the feel during the swing because of how soft the heel is.


  • Super grip
  • Looks great on the foot
  • Breathable and waterproof


  • Crease on the upper easily
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colours 5
Waterproof Yes

Unbelievable traction

Price: £180.00 / £210.00 BOA
What makes Ecco’s spikeless shoes stand out from the crowd is the unrivalled grip and stability and I found the Ecco Biom H4 offered as much traction as most spiked golf shoes. I found it hard to believe I was wearing spikeless golf shoes.

The uppers of the Biom H4 are crafted from premium, durable, thin leather, made in Ecco’s own tanneries. This provides natural protection from wind and water. I love the use of Gore-Tex in golf products – there is nothing better at helping keep your feet dry and comfortable on the golf course.

The redesigned tongue and toe area made the Biom H4 more comfortable and gave a sleeker, slimmer look. I’ve always found H4 to be a comfortable golf shoe but the subtle design tweaks have created a more balanced golf shoe and it’s a huge favorite of our Equipment Editor Simon Daddow.


  • Very comfortable
  • Super soft leather
  • Breathable
  • Great cushioning


  • Can be hard to maintain
Sizes 6 – 13
Colors 3
Waterproof Yes

The ideal blend of modern and classic

G/FORE introduces the G/LOCK Gallivanter golf shoes, enhancing their renowned Gallivanter range with Softspikes for added stability. Known for luxury and innovation, G/FORE continues to push boundaries in golf footwear.

The G/LOCK Gallivanter combines classic style with TourFlexPro Softspikes, offering exceptional grip in all weather conditions. Built for stability and traction, it's favoured by traditionalists seeking precision on the course.

Featuring a premium waterproof leather upper, the G/LOCK ensures durability and style year-round. Its lightweight design and cushioned interior provide instant comfort without a break-in period. Plus, removable insoles with odour control and footbed nubs enhance airflow for an unmatched experience.

With its Tour-level traction and durable construction, the G/LOCK Gallivanter is designed to elevate your game, no matter the conditions.


  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Look great
  • Superb traction


  • Laces and collar hard to clean
Sizes 6 – 12
Colours 4
Waterproof Yes

A golf shoe that can do it all

As far as design goes I think adidas have hit the nail on the head with this golf shoe. A much-needed update to an already great golf shoe. For golfers after an everyday golf shoe, whether you're playing with friends or in a competition, or playing in the wet or playing in the sun, these shoes can do it all!

The lightweight design makes walking the fairways a dream and whilst you can get lost in the comfort of the shoe it still supports you every step. Featured throughout the adidas franchise and can be seen in many other brands too, the OrthoLite liner provides an excellent fit around the foot for a full day on the course. The plastic heel cup and moulded memory foam collar secure your foot in nicely and I found it reduces heel slippage.

The BOA system makes getting the shoe on and off a breeze and gives you the perfect fit every time. The system is now hidden below the zip shroud and looks much sleeker. Whether you are playing in the rain or shine the Adiwear outsole and Gripmore rubber offer a superb grip as the sole anchors into the turf under load. The soft waterproof upper is also amazing at keeping the water out and ensuring your feet stay dry, it is also great at regulating heat in the warmer weather too.


  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Great looking golf shoe
  • True to size


  • Would like more colourways
Sizes 6 – 12
Colours 2
Waterproof Yes

Best spiked golf shoe for keeping your feet dry

Inspired by the famous Biom H4, the Danish shoe company believed they could make a spiked shoe that delivered unmatched comfort and athletic performance.

The result is this amazing Biom G5. It incorporates the fashion of the Biom family, whilst the premium leather upper and Gore-Tex membrane ensure the model is both breathable and 100% waterproof.

Ecco’s own tanneries produce their leather and, when combined with Gore-Tex, and exceptional craftsmanship, it makes for an expensive golf shoe. With such a premium price comes a lot of expectations and it certainly lives up to them.

The G5 is a very comfortable, supportive golf shoe that offers superb traction on the course. I love the fit, especially with the BOA.

We found they needed some looking after, so I would recommend that you look at one of Ecco’s special cleaning kits to help protect your expensive purchase.

Find out how the Biom G5 compares in our guide to the best ecco golf shoes.


  • BOA lacing system
  • Terrific traction
  • Great support


  • One of the most expensive shoes on the market
Sizes 6.5-11.5
Color options 2
BOA option Yes
Waterproof Yes

The discreet on-course sidekick

Price: £139.99
The subtle designs of the 006 are very easy on the eye, and the Payntr X branding on the side is perfect to set off the shoe.

Unlike most of the Payntr range, the 006 features a Pebax power plate rather than its carbon fiber equivalent. The Pebax plate is super responsive and allows golfers to get the most energy return during the swing.

The heel of the shoe has plenty of padding and support; for golfers out there who struggle with blistering and rubbing on the course, the 006 would be a great choice.

The soft Clarino upper is treated with Neverwet to ensure that it's not only soft and comfortable but enhances its performance in unpleasant weather.

During practice on the range, I found the shoes to be super grippy and helped me maintain good solid posture while swinging. The traction was that good, when I stepped away they'd torn up the ground I was standing on.


  • Subtle design
  • Lightweight feel
  • High levels of on-course grip


  • Lack of color choice
Sizes 9 – 13
Colors 2
Waterproof Yes

Best spiked golf shoe for cushioning and comfort

Price: £160.00
Skechers put lots of time and effort into developing the Pro 5. Analyzing 20 years of data and 120,000 unweighted podiatry foot scans in creating the model, which is undeniably comfortable.

It features a removable comfort insole with high-performance cushioning, an ultra-lightweight cushioned midsole, and a dynamic traction plate with replaceable cleats for maximum grip.

Skechers shoes, and the styling, divide opinion, but we’ve been impressed by Pro 5. It’s less bulky than some previous models, feels supportive and is comfortable straight out of the box. The signing of Matt Fitzpatrick will inevitably help the brand reach a younger audience.

For the price of the Pro 5, I’d have preferred a full-leather upper rather than synthetic, but that is a minor gripe. The waterproof synthetic upper offers excellent protection.

See how the Go Golf Pro 5 Hyper compares to the best Skechers golf shoes.


  • Easy to clean
  • Amazing arch fit comfort
  • Good traction


  • Not a full leather upper
Sizes 7-12
Color option 2
BOA option No
Waterproof Yes

The king of practicality

Price: £80.00
The sporty IGNITE range has been popular amongst golfers around the world for the past few years now and this shoe is no different. Whether you're getting ready at home or at the course it really doesn't matter thanks to the super practical spikeless design of the ELEVATE.

Having worn previous iterations I had high expectations and they certainly delivered, they're a great shoe for on and off the course and look great with nearly every outfit! Not to forget how comfortable they are, the IGNITEFOAM midsole is super comfortable and gives plenty of support during the round.

Thanks to the EXOSHELL the shoe has high durability and makes the shoe really lightweight which is perfect when you're wearing the shoes all day from home to the course and back.


  • Durable
  • Great heel support
  • Lightweight


  • Traction could be a little better
Sizes 7 – 15
Colours 8
Waterproof Yes

Contemporary design for the fashion-conscious

Like the Bernardo, the Orlando uses the lightweight Airplay 6 outsole, soft spikes, and premium waterproof material. But Orlando has more of a contemporary design for the golfer who likes to look the height of fashion both on and off the course.

Duca say it's their most stable shoes ever and I can vouch for that. The shoe is not only sleek but full of comfort. The high-heel design supports your foot well and hugs your heel for a secure fit. As for the stability, it was refreshing to wear a Duca shoe which interacted with the turf and supported you through the swing.

“Power in the golf swing comes from stability and as Tour players we demand that from our golf shoes to perform at the highest level," Duca staff player Joost Luiten said of the new models.
"Walking the long courses each week on Tour in the new Duca shoes makes a big difference and it gives me confidence knowing my footwear is up to the test.”


  • Great traction
  • Awesome design with Tron-style lines
  • Solid high-heel support
  • Soft leather


  • Only available in one colour
Sizes 7 – 14
Colours 1
Waterproof Yes

Golf Shoes Buying Guide

How do we test golf shoes?

When testing golf shoes, we aim to put them through different scenarios on the golf course over multiple rounds and, where possible, in different conditions. We have a team of carefully selected reviewers to test and assess each product over an extended period. We pay particular attention to grip, durability, versatility, comfort, and fit.

Having tested hundreds of pairs over the years, we know exactly what to look for, and will ask every possible question about each shoe we review. The review team are all keen golfers so understand what makes a good or a bad golf shoe and will look out for the minor details such as which models run big or small, how easy are they to clean, any potential rubbing on the toes or heel, and whether the shoe could realistically be worn off the course as well as on it.

We are lucky enough to attend product launches and meet the manufacturers to understand why they release a new product and its benefit to the consumer. The TG team pride ourselves on the fact that we understand and test all of our products to give you our honest and in-depth opinion on whether it is worth buying or not. The reviews and recommendations are there with you the readers as our highest priority, so we can recommend products that will help you improve your game.

See a full guide to how we test golf equipment.

How to Choose the Right Golf Shoes

Choosing the best golf shoes for you and your game is a critical aspect of preparing for the upcoming golf season. With several variables to consider, it’s essential to make an informed decision that aligns with your wants and needs. Gone are the days when a golf shoe is just a golf shoe! Brands are putting more time and money into proving that it’s a piece of equipment that can improve your game, and serve much more purpose than simply a fashion statement.

Similar to hands being the only point of contact with the club, shoes, and feet are the only point of contact with the ground – arguably more important! So, ensuring your golf shoes are built for the course you play, and the weather you play in, is vital to your success. With the average golfer covering well over 10,000 steps a round (a number which is dependent on whether you hit the fairway or not), you want to make sure they have great grip, look good, fit well, and are of course comfortable to walk in as you clock up the miles.

Size and fit

Understandably the single most crucial aspect of selecting golf shoes is ensuring a proper fit. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort, and blisters, and even impact your performance on the course. If the fit is not quite right you’ll find that they won’t only rub and cause discomfort but wear much faster than anticipated!

When trying on golf shoes, pay close attention to any pinching or movement, and ensure there’s ample space for your toes. It is recommended that you leave around half an inch at the end of the shoe to prevent catching and rubbing. The old tricks still work, like your parents used to do growing up, ensuring you have a finger width at the end of your big toe.

Like you would with a new set of golf clubs, getting fit for golf shoes is essential. Understanding the width and length of your foot will make the process easier and provide a more accurate fit. If you try the shoes on in a shop then I’d recommend you take a few steps around in them or if they have the facilities such as an indoor bay – providing you’re allowed – I’d recommend taking some practice swings in them to assess comfort and stability.

Additionally, maybe consider lacing systems like BOA, which provide a secure and customizable fit, albeit at a potentially higher price point compared to traditional laces. The BOA system is much faster than traditional laces and provides a customizable fit for the golfer securing your foot in places laces may struggle to do so.



One of the most popular materials for a premium golf shoe to be made from is leather. The soft, full-grain leather upper provides a solid and secure fit which is the reason it’s such a popular choice. The material is not overpowering and is stretch-free which helps the longevity of the golf shoe.

Another reason these shoes last so long is the use of Saddle leather. This features in most premium golf shoes due to its durability, strength, and water resistance properties. Surprisingly this doesn’t take away from the breathability of the shoe making it perfect for every occasion. All this is well and good but you should be aware that leather does come at a cost, something to bear in mind if you’re working on a budget.


Quite the opposite of leather, you have the mesh or performance mesh upper. This is a sportier-looking upper and has become more popular in recent times thanks to its properties. The softer lightweight mesh makes the shoe breathable and less of a stressor on feet, making it ideal for a long day on the course.

The mesh upper performs great in the heat and is good at reducing fatigue as the round goes on. You will often find that mesh shoes will come with a waterproof lining or coating to ensure you don’t end up with wet feet! If you do find yourself with a mesh pair I’d probably recommend using them through the summer months.


Somewhere in the middle of leather and mesh is the synthetic upper. A man-made material that is much thinner and lighter than leather. It is often cheaper than leather and is great to use all year round. If you’re in the market for a more budget-friendly shoe then you may find it’s made of a synthetic material, but by no means does that make it a bad option! Some of the best golf shoes on the market are made from this material and they remain sporty, breathable, and easy to clean.


Modern golf shoes come in a variety of styles, ranging from classic designs to contemporary trainers. Gone are the days when golfers were limited to traditional leather shoes; today’s footwear options cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Consider your personal style, and off-course shoe preferences, when selecting golf shoes to ensure they complement your wardrobe seamlessly. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of brogues or the lightweight comfort of mesh models, there’s a golf shoe to suit every golfer’s preferences.

Types of golf shoes

One of the primary decisions to make when selecting golf shoes is choosing between spiked and spikeless options, each with its unique set of advantages.


Spiked golf shoes feature soft spikes strategically placed on the outsole to provide grip and traction, particularly on uneven or slippery terrain. They’re known for their durability, thanks to replaceable spikes that can extend the lifespan of the footwear. However, some golfers may find spiked shoes slightly less comfortable due to the additional pressure points on the soles of their feet. Spiked shoes are also primarily designed for on-course use and aren’t versatile for off-course activities.


Spikeless golf shoes have gained popularity recently due to their lightweight construction, versatility, and modern styling. While they may not offer the same level of traction as spiked shoes, advancements in technology, such as rubber molds and TPU compounds, have significantly improved grip on various surfaces. Spikeless shoes are suitable for both on-course and off-course wear, making them a practical choice for golfers seeking versatility and comfort. Additionally, spikeless shoes are often more breathable and offer enhanced flexibility during play.


Setting a realistic budget may be one of your first steps in the buying journey. Golf shoes are available across a wide price range, typically ranging from $50 to $250 in some cases more, depending on factors such as brand reputation, style, and materials used. By establishing a budget upfront, you can narrow down your options and focus on finding the best value within your price range.

While some golfers may be drawn to well-known brands like FootJoy or Ecco, others may prioritize functionality over brand recognition. Regardless of brand preference, it’s possible to find high-quality golf shoes that meet your requirements without breaking the bank. For beginners, first-time buyers, or occasional golfers, opting for a more affordable pair makes practical sense. This approach allows you to allocate funds towards other golfing essentials, such as clubs, balls, or lessons, while still enjoying adequate footwear performance.


No matter where you are in the world, inclement weather is a common occurrence, and waterproof golf shoes are a sensible investment for anyone. These shoes feature specialized membranes or treatments that repel moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout your round. Investing in waterproof golf shoes ensures you’re prepared for unexpected showers or damp conditions on the course, especially during the winter months.

As far as waterproof linings go, Goretex stands out as a leading material, renowned for its exceptional water resistance, it remains a preferential choice, particularly during winter play or in wet conditions. Its ability to repel water effectively while allowing moisture to escape ensures that feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the round.

One thing to bear in mind is the insulation provided by waterproof linings such as Goretex. They can lead to a warmer sensation compared to traditional leather shoes, making them less suitable for hot summer rounds or golfing in warmer climates. So, if you primarily play in dry or sunny climates, opting for non-waterproof models can offer a more comfortable walk on the course and, of course, cost savings without sacrificing performance.


Given the extended duration of golf rounds, comfort is paramount when choosing golf shoes. Look for shoes with adequate cushioning, particularly in the midsole and heel areas, to provide support and shock absorption during each swing. Good heel and ankle support are essential for maintaining stability throughout your round and minimizing fatigue. Strike a balance between support and softness to ensure your golf shoes offer optimal comfort without sacrificing performance.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes: FAQs

Do golf shoes need to be waterproof?

Wearing waterproof golf shoes is not essential. Waterproof golf shoes are built to keep your feet dry on the course in the rain or if the course is wet underfoot. If you usually play in warm and dry conditions it would still be worth considering a pair of waterproof golf shoes for some piece of mind that your feet will be dry no matter what the weather.

Are Gore-Tex golf shoes waterproof?

Gore-Tex golf shoes come with guaranteed waterproofing. Gore‑Tex Surround Footwear offer an All-around breathability system for your feet.

Do pro golfers wear spiked or spikeless waterproof golf shoes?

Most of the golfers on tour wear spikeless golf shoes because they play in warm conditions on perfectly manicured courses, meaning they don’t need extra traction. Spiked shoes will make an appearance on tour if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Collin Morikawa opts to wear his adidas ZG23 spiked golf shoes through the season.

Are waterproof golf shoes breathable?

Yes, many waterproof golf shoes are designed with breathable materials to ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable without sacrificing any airflow. Look for shoes constructed with breathable membranes or mesh panels that allow moisture vapour to escape while preventing water from penetrating the shoe. This ensures that your feet remain cool and sweat-free even during warmer and more humid rounds.

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