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TaylorMade’s M5 Fairway is super adjustable and features new titanium-carbon construction and Twist Face technology 

TaylorMade’s new M5 Fairway wood represents a complete re-engineering of their fairway wood, and is the first ever fairway to incorporate Twist Face technology – the feature made famous by the M3 and M4 drivers. 

The M5 Fairway wood also a multi-material head construction made up of carbon and titanum, as well as a resdesigned sliding weight system with a lower CG location for higher launch and lower spin, and increased adjustability. 

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Best 2019 Fairway wood

“The M5 fairway wood is a new super adjustable fairway wood featuring ground-breaking new titanium-carbon construction with a massive 65-gram movable weight,” sad Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director, Product Creation, Metalwoods.

“This is the first ever fairway wood to use our revolutionary Twist Face technology for unparalleled accuracy and game-changing performance.” 

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TaylorMade M5 Fairway: TG Verdict

TaylorMade say by adding TwistFace to the M5 fairway they’ve narrowed the dispersion window from high-toe and low-heel impacts from 18 yards on the previous M3 to just three. That is seriously impressive when you understand it was also our test pro’s longest fairway of 2019 (245 yards, tied with the Epic Flash Sub Zero).

Whereas every other fairway we tested had a steel head, the M5’s titanium and carbon is the ultimate construction for freeing up weight to influence shot shape and forgiveness.

TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood: Key Features

Twist Face

Following comprehensive research and analytics of thousands of shots, TaylorMade engineers have also successfully incorporated its breakthrough Twist Face technology into a fairway wood. Like the M drivers, the faces have been modified to counteract the gear effect on common mis-hits in the high-toe and low-heel: For the high-toe miss (a hook) they “twist” open the face and increase the loft high on the toe to help straighten ball flight, and fix the low-heel miss (a slice) by twisting the face closed and de-lofting the face in the low heel area.

twist face

Although the concept is the same as in the driver, the exact geometry is slightly different to account for the unique mass properties and impact location patterns in fairway woods compared to drivers. 

For 2019 they have expanded this concept to the M5 and M6 fairway woods and M6 hybrid for the first time, and have developed it further in the driver – named ‘Speed injected Twist Face‘.

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Titanium Carbon Crown

The M5 fairway features an advanced multi-material head construction with a titanium body, 5-layer carbon composite crown with a steel movable weight — a tri- material construction. The two low-density components – carbon and titanium – led to more discretionary weight, which engineers used to completely redesign the sliding weight system for a lower CG location and increased adjustability.

Why we use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor

Foresight GC Quad

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Sliding Weight Sytem: 65g moveable steel weight

The M5’s adjustable weight system features a 65g moveable steel weight, which is slightly more than 30% of the total head weight, allowing for generous draw/fade adjustability. The position of the steel weight creates a lower centre of gravity for a more efficient energy transfer with higher launch and lower spin. The unique design of moveable weight also creates a more seamless sole contour, producing smoother turf interaction regardless of the weight position.

Loft Sleeve

The M5 fairway also features a more streamlined 12- position loft sleeve for up to 4° of adjustability (+-2°).

loft sleeve

Product Information

RRP: £369

Lofts: Rocket 3 - 14° / 3 - 15° / 5 - 18°

Stock shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange

Adjustable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: +/- 2°

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