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One of four golf irons in the revamped T-Series range for 2021, the Titleist T300 is a players’ game improvement iron for those who want high launch, distance and forgiveness.

Aimed at mid-to-high handicappers, the T300 is Titleist’s “ultimate” game-improvement iron and, as with the other models in the series, is built around three key Ds – Distance, Dispersion and Descent Angle. But how does it compare to the best golf irons and the best irons for mid-handicaps?

Titleist T300 2021 irons.

The mid-sized model, with its premium chrome finish, has a cavity back and uses 40 per cent more tungsten than its predecessor.

Use of more dense D18 tungsten weights and the same 2000º brazing process used in aerospace construction (and normally reserved for tour irons) has helped to eliminate weld points and create an even more precise CG placement for optimal launch, spin and improved MOI.

Titleist T300 2021 irons.

The chrome plated finish gives the T300 a premium look, while the size and shape of the head inspire confidence when you’re over the ball.

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The new variable face thickness design ensures more consistent distance no matter where it’s struck, with the face getting thinner towards the heel of the club in the long and mid irons for more consistent ball speeds.

Titleist T300 2021 irons.

Behind the T300 badge is an enhanced polymer core that improves feel and efficiency at impact for more ball speed and better feedback.

As is becoming common in irons that target the game-improvement market and promote distance, the T300 features strong lofts. At 29º the 7-iron is 5º stronger than the better-player T100 and 3º strong than the players’ distance model T100S.

Titleist T300 2021 irons.

The T300 is joined in the T-Series by the T100, T100S and T200.

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The T100, the most played iron on tour, is a fully forged dual cavity iron that looks like a blade at address, while the T100S is Titleist’s “faster tour iron”, almost identical to the T100 but two-degrees stronger.

The new Titleist T-Series irons for 2021 - T100, T100S, T200 and T300.

The T200 is a players’ distance iron, Titleist’s most advanced ever, and represents the biggest shift within the series, combining sleek looks with impressive distance.

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TG pro Neil Wain tests 2021 mid-handicap irons at Keele Golf Centre.

Titleist T300 Irons Review: The tech

Muscle under the hood: Locked behind the T300 badge lies a hidden power source – Max Impact 2.0. A Cantilever Core Support Structure features a new high resilience polymer core, delivering maximum speed and distance control.

Titleist T300 2021 irons tech.

Better tungsten for better performance: The high-density tungsten (D18) weights are utilised in the heel and toe of the four to seven irons for greater mass efficiency. In addition, Titleist engineers were able to add 40 per cent more tungsten than was in the previous generation T300 through a brazing process applied from aerospace construction usually reserved for tour-played irons. This contributes to a solid-feeling, advanced design that produces the optimal balance of launch, distance and forgiveness.

Titleist T300 2021 irons tech.

Thinner where it counts: The T300 now employs a High COR Variable Face Design that is thinner towards the heel in the long and mid irons to improve performance at what is traditionally one of the least effective strike points.

Titleist T300 2021 irons tech.

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Titleist T300 Irons Review: What the brand say

Marni Ines, Director of Titleist Irons Development: “T-Series irons are designed to provide precise control for any player who wants to score lower. From form to feel to function, every aspect of these irons is crafted towards the golfer being consistent from their first shot to their last throughout every round.

“Whether it is the T100, T100S, T200 or T300, every iron is individually engineered to help the golfer deliver a strike where they can see and feel pure performance.

“The T300 is the ultimate Titleist game improvement iron. It is for the golfer who wants high launch, long distance and forgiveness, and wants to see the technology they are using.

“This model utilises the Max Impact 2.0 technology which is featured in a sleek, clean package at address for which Titleist irons are known.

“The design team retained the offset, shape and size, but was able to add 40 percent more tungsten to this iron, precisely lower the CG and meet the performance needs of this golfer.”

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Titleist T300 2021 irons tech.

Josh Talge, Vice President of Golf Club Marketing for Titleist, said: “The new T-Series irons represent another step forward in Titleist iron design and technology. With these new irons, across the board, every detail matters.

“They provide the best precision and performance in their respective iron category with stunning aesthetics and feel. Golfers don’t buy an iron ‘line’, they want specialisation, and that’s what each of these models offer.”

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Titleist T300 irons review: Specs

Availability, lofts, lies and lengths of the T-Series irons for 2021.

The specs for the Titleist T-Series irons for 2021.

Titleist T300 iron review: Shafts and grips

The stock steel shaft is True Temper AMT Red with Ascending Mass Technology; 3g per club (95g-107g); high launch, high spin.

The stock graphite shaft is MCA Tensei Red AM2 with Ascending Mass Technology; 2g per club (54-68g); high launch, high spin.

The stock golf grip is Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 with white paint fill and black flat cap.

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Product Information

Titleist T300 irons (2021)

Launched: August 2021

RRP: £128 per club (steel), £142 (graphite)

Availability: 4i-GW (two options - 48º and 50º)

7-iron loft: 29º

Stock shafts: Steel – True Temper AMT Red with Ascending Mass Technology; 3g per club (95g-107g); high launch, high spin.

Graphite – MCA Tensei Red AM2 with Ascending Mass Technology; 2g per club (54-68g); high launch, high spin.

Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 with white paint fill and black flat cap.

Fittings: www.titleist.co.uk

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