Retro Model Is The Ultimate In On And Off Course Style: Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G Golf Shoes Review

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  • Pros
    • One of the most stylish golf shoes around
    • A genuine on and off-course golf shoe
    • Excellent grip and traction
    • Comfortable out of the box
  • Cons
    • Stability didn’t fill me with confidence
    • Moisture can get through in consistent rain
  • RRP £110.00

What we say...

I’ve spent the past couple of months putting the retro-styled Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G Golf Shoes to the test on the golf course and during every day life to find out if they’re worth the money.

I’ve grown up with Nike Air Pegasus – for me they’re one of the best sneakers of all time and now they’re trying to become one of the best golf shoes.

The first Pegasus launched in 1983 when I was two and cost $50. Back then they targeted runners and as the brand’s tech developed, more and more Pegasus models hit the shelves. They quickly became as popular with fashionistas as they were with those pounding the pavements. I had my first pair of Pegasus in the early 90s and have worked my way through more than ten pairs since, so when it comes to Pegasus I like to think I know my stuff.

Today's Golfer Digital Editor Rob Jerram put the Nike Air Pegasus '89 G through their paces at Augusta during The Masters.

When I heard Nike were turning their Nike Air Pegasus ’89 sneaker into spikeless golf shoes, I quickly barged my colleagues out of the way and ensured I was at the front of the queue for our testing sample and put them to the ultimate test. As well as wearing them for multiple rounds of golf in the UK, where they faced everything from sun and rain to mud and sand, I took them to Augusta National Golf Club for The Masters, striding around one of the world’s most undulating golf courses to see how they performed in the comfort and grip stakes.

Retro styling and excellent grip as a classic enters the golf shoes market


  • One of the most stylish golf shoes around
  • A genuine on and off-course golf shoe
  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Comfortable out of the box


  • Stability didn't fill me with confidence
  • Moisture does get through in consistent rain
  • Looks and Styling
  • Color Options and Variety
  • Comfort
  • Grip and Traction
  • Stability and Support
  • Durability
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Overall
Sizes Men: 3.5-16; Women 5-17.5
Colors White/Photon Dust/Malachite; Star Blue/Picante Red/Wolf Grey/Thunder Blue; Swan/Black/Neutral Grey/Medium Grey; Wolf Grey/Cool Grey/White/Black; White/Platinum Tint/Black; Black/Black/White.
Waterproof Warranty One year
Sole Spikeless

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G: Sizing, looks and out-of-the-box comfort

I have the Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G Golf Shoes in a US 12/UK 11, and as you can see, I was sent them in the ‘Swan/Black/Neutral Grey/Medium Grey’ color scheme (a host of greys with hints of black and red in normal speak). There are five color options, but these are by far my favorite. White/Photon Dust/Malachite (white, grey, and green) are a close second and may have been more appropriate for Augusta!

I’m fortunate in that I know my Nike sizing from years of wearing the brand but if you’re a Nike Pegasus virgin then be aware they come up slightly large. I’m an 11.5 (UK) in most brands and a 12 in a few, but ordered an 11 in the Pegasus, which fitted perfectly without any pinching or squeezing of my feet, so you’re looking at about half a size smaller than you might go for in Adidas, etc. Also worth noting is that I have quite wide feet, but the Pegasus fit well. It’s things like this that you have to consider before splashing the cash on new treads so I’d recommend checking out our full golf shoes buying guide before making a purchase.

Nike Air Pegasus '89 G Golf Shoes are almost identical to the standard sneaker, barring some tweaks to the sole pattern.

They look fantastic – everything you’d expect from a Pegasus and about as far away from the traditional looks of a FootJoy Premiere or Puma Avant as you’ll find. Cool, retro styling, a mixture of materials (synthetic-leather overlays combined with stretch skin and mesh, according to Nike), and the famous tick is given full prominence. You’ll also find Nike branding on the soft tongue, outer heel, and outer sole.

Despite this being a golf version, you’d never know at first glance – it looks the same as the normal version I bought last year. So many golf shoe brands tell us that we can go straight from the course to a night out wearing their latest model but it’s just not true – well, not unless you like security asking why you’re wearing golf shoes with your Levis. But the Pegasus nails that brief and, certainly from the top and side no one would ever guess these are golf shoes unless they catch sight of the small ‘golf’ under the Nike logo on the tongue.

Nike Air Pegasus '89 G Golf Shoes are a spikeless model with retro styling and a one-year waterproof warranty.

On closer inspection, the sole is different to the standard model with the rubber pattern configuration slightly deeper and designed to give grip and traction on the golf course in all conditions. More on that later.

The heel and ankle supports are soft so I didn’t experience any early blistering, while the two different foams used in the sole and a hidden ‘Zoom Air’ unit, like that found in Rory McIlroy’s Nike Air Zoom Infinity 3 shoes, in the heel provided excellent comfort and spring from the get-go. Day one with the Pegasus saw me wear them for a commute and day in the office before taking them onto the golf course for nine holes that evening. Twelve hours and 19,000 steps later and my feet still felt great.

Today's Golfer Digital Editor Rob Jerram wearing the Nike Air Pegasus '89 G shoes during a morning walk with his daughter.

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G: Off-course performance

I’ve talked briefly about their performance off the course above, but to add more meat to the bone, you could easily wear these for any daily activity. As well as wearing them regularly to the office and for day-to-day jobs like food shopping, I wore them to travel from my home in Lincolnshire to Atlanta and, as well as looking great, they were both comfortable and felt lightweight (they come in at 434g per shoe according to my scales). I’ve run around with my kids while wearing them and, as you’d expect from a sneaker with heritage in the running world, they’re exceptional, even with a sole aimed at golfers.

The Nike Air Pegasus '89 G golf shoes weigh in at 434 grams each.

Breathability is a key factor in any shoe and, if you struggle with sweaty or smelly feet, you’ll be pleased to hear my Pegasus still smell as good as new despite the trials and varying weather conditions they’ve faced. I could feel my feet getting a little clammy towards the end of the hotter days at Augusta, but I would expect that in almost any shoe.

TG Digital Editor Rob Jerram puts the Nike Air Pegasus '89 G shoes through their paces.

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G: On-course performance

On the course, they’re very impressive. So often a brand that creates a golf shoe from a standard model focuses so heavily on making it look good that they forget the most important elements – grip, traction, support and stability. Nike have done a great job with the first two, creating a sole that provides excellent grip and impressive traction through the swing with no risk of sliding (don’t expect to see Scottie Scheffler in them any time soon!). The differently shaped nubs and grooves prove more than capable of coping with all conditions and, as we’re based in the UK, that’s a key testing point. In our experience, the best spiked golf shoes shoes will always perform a little better in tricky conditions, but these coped superbly with the undulations at Augusta, too. It’s a long and testing walk, but despite only wearing them on a couple of short occasions before the trip, they were the right choice.

TG Digital Editor Rob Jerram puts the Nike Air Pegasus '89 G shoes through their paces.

The Pegasus falls down slightly when it comes to support and stability. The ‘heel lockdown containment’ does what it says on the tin and holds the back of your foot in place securely without any rubbing or blistering. But, as a man with ‘dodgy’ ankles after multiple breaks and a serious ligament injury in my teens and 20s, I need a shoe that makes me feel confident that my left foot won’t roll if I go after a shot with a bit more force. They’re more than good enough if you’re swinging normally and in perfectly dry conditions, but trying to get one out there in damp weather did make me slightly nervous as the material is soft and there’s a fair bit of movement.

The Nike Air Pegasus '89 G golf shoes are stylish and comfortable.

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G: Waterproofing

Speaking of damp weather the Nike Air Pegasus ’89 comes with a one-year waterproof warranty and, while that’s great, I wouldn’t recommend these if you’re planning to play in huge downpours or over winter – you’ll be far better off with one of our best waterproof golf shoes or best winter golf shoes recommendations.

The Pegasus’ mesh section repels the water well and there’s clearly some coating on the shoe to ensure showers don’t break through, but if the heavens properly open then the moisture does soak into some areas and make it through, especially around the tongue. I’d categorize these as great summer golf shoes unless you live somewhere without any rain. In which case, lucky you.

Nike Air Pegasus '89 G golf shoes.

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G: Durability

I’m two months into life with the Pegasus and I’ve worn them a hell of a lot both on and off the course in varying conditions and they’ve held up well. They’ve maintained their shape without me making any extra effort to keep them looking like new, something that can prove difficult for someone with wide feet.

There are a few signs of wear and tear, but nothing major. The laces have discolored, but this would be easily resolved by removing and a quick spin through the washer, and the soles have a few marks and blemishes from the varying terrains they’ve been used on.

They still smell very fresh and clean, which is a massive plus.

The Nike Air Pegasus '89 G golf shoes are difficult to clean.

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G: Cleaning

Keeping the Pegasus clean is a little tricky. The mesh areas wipe clean easily but the softer material requires a lot more elbow grease to keep looking fresh and, being a lighter color marks and dirt do show up easily.

If you have any mud on the material then allow it to dry fully and then brush it off before attempting to wipe any remaining marks, otherwise, you’ll find the soil will become engrained. I also spray all of my sneakers with a protective coating that you can get from most shoe stores, just to give them an extra level of defense, but always check the details of the warranty in case this invalidates it.

The soles are easily cleaned with warm water and a brush (I’ve got a Boot Buddy which is brilliant for cleaning golf shoes and fits easily into your golf bag) and generally I have kept the uppers clean with nothing more than a baby wipe or a damp paper towel.

Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G: Final Verdict

The only golf shoe I’ve consistently worn as often off the golf course as I have on it because they look as good with jeans or cargos as they do with golf trousers or shorts. A classic sneaker with fantastic styling and exceptional comfort straight from the box, the Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G offers excellent grip and traction, but I’m not convinced they offer the stability and support of a purpose-built golf shoe. I’d be far more likely to reach for my Payntrs or FootJoys for that.

I’ll wear them throughout the summer in dry conditions but will box them for winter as keeping them clean in soggy conditions could prove tricky. If you’re looking for a great summer shoe that you can wear down the pub, this is it.

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Nike Air Pegasus ’89 G Golf Shoes

PRICE: $120 – BUY NOW US | £77.49 – BUY NOW UK

Sole: Spikeless

Sizes available: Men 3.5-16; Women 5-17.5

Colors: White/Photon Dust/Malachite; Star Blue/Picante Red/Wolf Grey/Thunder Blue; Swan/Black/Neutral Grey/Medium Grey; Wolf Grey/Cool Grey/White/Black; White/Platinum Tint/Black; Black/Black/White.

Waterproof warranty? Yes, one year

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