What’s In The Bag: Peter Malnati

What golf clubs does Peter Malnati use? Let’s take a look inside the bag of the two-time PGA Tour winner.

Peter Malnati is playing in his eleventh season as a member of the PGA Tour. Over those years on Tour, Malnati has recorded two victories, his first came back in 2015 at the Sanderson Farms Champions. The American’s most recent win on the PGA Tour was at the 2024 Valspar Championship.

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Malnati enjoyed his first victory on the PGA Tour 3,058 days after his first. Much has changed in the nine years since the Tennessee resident won on Tour. The Titleist Brand Ambassador was met on the final hole – after sinking his winning putt – by his wife and their two children in what was an emotional victory for the twelfth victor on the PGA Tour this season.

Peter Malnati celebrating his win at the 2024 Valspar Championship alongside his family

Not only was this a monumental victory Malnati was able to share with his family, but it also earned him an invite to the Masters at Augusta National. The 36-year-old has never played in the Masters, 2024 is the first year Malnati will compete for the Green Jacket.

Being a Titleist Brand Ambassador, Malnati plays with a full set of Titleist golf clubs and he also plays with a Titleist golf ball. However, the ball used by Malnati is somewhat different from those used by his competitors, in that he plays with a yellow golf ball.

Peter Malnati had this to say about why he plays with a yellow golf ball, “The reason I switched to it is because my, at the time, 3-year-old, now 4, liked them. He’s kind of over it now, but it still makes me think of him, and that’s worth a smile or 2, which is worth a lot out there for me.”

Let’s take a look at the Titleist equipment gamed by Peter Malnati, that helped him to his first victory since 2015…

What’s In The Bag: Peter Malnati

What driver does Peter Malnati play with?

Peter Malnati uses a Titleist TSR3 Driver (10°) with a Project X Denali Blue 60 TX Shaft

The TSR3 driver isn't the most forgiving option in Titleist's TSR driver range. Driving isn't the strongest aspect of Malnati's game, he's below average on the PGA Tour for distance and accuracy.

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What fairway wood does Peter Malnati have in the bag?

Peter Malnati plays with a Titleist TSi3 3-Wood (15°) with a Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 70 X Shaft

Instead of playing with one of the most recent Titleist TSR fairway woods, Malnati continues to use a Titleist TSi3 fairway wood which was part of the range released prior to the TSR models. The fairway wood carried by the American is a 15° 3-wood.

The TSi3 has been discontinued and in its place, Titleist released the TSR3 as its newer replacement.

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What hybrid does Peter Malnati use?

Peter Malnati carries a Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid (19°) with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 95 X Shaft

Hybrids aren't the most popular golf clubs on Tour, but that doesn't stop Malnati from keeping one in the bag. Malnati's hybrid isn't just a club that's there for the ride, he does depend on his hybrid in multiple situations. The loft of Malnati's hybrid is 19° which sits perfectly between his 4-iron and 3-wood.

The Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid is an older model, released in 2017, and it's no longer available. The TSR3 Hybrid is Titleist's newest hybrid similar to the 818 H2 Hybrid.

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What irons does Peter Malnati carry?

Peter Malnati plays with a Titleist T200 4-Iron with a True Temper AMT Tour White S400 Shaft

Price: $1,399.99 / £1,249.00
Malnati carries a combo set of irons, all of which are manufactured by Titleist. He starts with the most forgiving iron in his bag as his 4-iron - the Titleist T200. Rather than having a full set of less forgiving irons, Malnati elects to play with progressively more forgiving stronger lofted irons.

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Peter Malnati uses a Titleist T150 5-Iron with a True Temper AMT Tour White S400 Shaft

Price: $1,399.99 / £1,249.00
Rather than continuing with a T200 iron or moving straight to the Titleist T100 irons, Malnati bridges the gap by gaming a T150 5-iron which isn't quite as forgiving as the T200 irons but with the additional loft and shorter lengthed shaft, the extra forgiveness clearly isn't needed for Malnati.

However, Malnati obviously feels as though he still needs some forgiveness with his 5-iron, because he chooses to start from 6-iron with the lesser-forgiving T100 irons.

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Peter Malnati games Titleist T100 Irons (6-9-iron) with True Temper AMT Tour White S400 Shafts

Price: $1,399.99 / £1,249.00
As already mentioned, Malnati moves away from T200 and T150 irons once he reaches his 6-iron. From 6-iron down to 9-iron, Malnati opts for Titleist T100 irons which are the least forgiving irons within Titleist's T-series range. Malnati doesn't carry a wedge within his iron combo set, instead, he plays with four wedges.

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What wedges does Peter Malnati play with?

Peter Malnati carries four Titleist Vokey Design SM10 Wedges (48°-10°, 52°-12°, 56°-8°, and 60°-4°) with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Shafts

Peter Malnati is one of those Tour players who carries four wedges as opposed to the standard three. However, it's more likely for professional golfers to play with four wedges than it is for them to play with two.

All four of Malnati's wedges are Titleist Vokey Design SM10 wedges. His 48° has been bent to 47° to help bridge the gap to his 9-iron. The American's 56° has been manipulated to 57° and his 60° has been opened up to 62°. All of his wedges are stamped with his son's names - Hatcher and Dash.

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What putter does Peter Malnati rely on?

Peter Malnati putts with a Titleist Scorry Cameron TourType Special Select Masterful 1.5 Tour Prototype Putter

The putter used by Peter Malnati is a Tour Prototype Titleist Scotty Cameron, meaning it's not available to the public. Many members of the public would be hoping for it to be on the shelves of their local golf stores because Malnati sure knows how to roll the rock with it.

Malnati is one of the best putters on the PGA Tour with his TourType Special Select Masterful 1.5, which is very similar to a Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select Newport Plus.

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What golf ball does Peter Malnati play with?

Peter Malnati opts for yellow Titleist Pro V1x golf balls

Price: $54.97
There's a lovely story behind why Malnati chooses to play with yellow Titleist Pro V1x golf balls - purely because his son liked them. Color has no impact on performance, and while Mlnati believes his son may no longer be as fond of the yellow golf ball as he once was, the Titleist Brand Ambassador continues to play with yellow golf balls for sentimental reasons.

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