Best New Season Golf Products

What are the best new season golf products in 2023?

With the season underway and so many brands hoping to catch the attention of your wallet with their best golf equipment, Today’s Golfer has dived into the rough and hacked out some of the best new golf products that are sure to add value to your game this season.

We have teamed up with some of the most innovative and exciting brands in the market to bring you some fantastic deals on everything from clubs to cleaning products, and from batteries to balls.

So why not ramble through the products below and hit the “Buy Now” link to take advantage of these exclusive deals, and if nothing jumps off the page at you, then we have a monthly guide to a collection of the best golf equipment deals and offers in 2023.

Best New Season Golf Products 2023:

Stewart Golf APEX Remote

Best new season golf products: Stewart Golf Apex Remote

RRP £1,249 | Buy Now

Introducing Stewart Golf’s all-new APEX Remote. The British brand has taken a huge leap with its latest release. Billed as the most intelligent remote trolley ever, the APEX pioneers Active Terrain Control. Designed for the extreme, the APEX will automatically react to the gradient of the course, allowing golfers to focus on their next shot, not their golf bag. No matter the challenge, the APEX has you covered with its intelligence, power, and stability.

The latest Remote technology now provides golfers with newfound freedom unmatched by other carts. Allowing up to 100 yards of secure range, gone are the days of being tied to your bag, simply send the new APEX off to your next shot or tee box, saving players energy for those crucial on-course moments.

Engineered with industry-leading technology, including regenerative braking and a 45-hole battery: the APEX could be just what you need to enhance your game.

Read our full Stewart Golf Apex Remote review.

Groove Fix Right Angle Pro Putting Training Aid

Groove Fix Right Angle Pro

Best new season golf products: Groove Fix Right Angle Pro Putting Training Aid

RRP £49.99 | Buy Now | Today’s Golfer readers get 20% off using the offer code TG100 at checkout

Use this on the practice green or carpet to turbo-charge your short game. Simply balance two of the ball bearings in the holes along the arms of the product (10,12 and 14-mm bearings are provided). The further along the arms the harder it gets. Balance your golf ball in the locator or on the putting surface and align the line on the ball with the laser-engraved line on the device.

Ensure your head is directly over the center of the ball by aligning the dashed lines so that, when viewed from above, they touch the top and bottom of the ball. Align your putter behind the ball so that it sits square to the device. Practice putting through the line of the ball whilst keeping the club head square. If you dislodge the ball bearing on the right it’s a ‘push’, to the left and you’ve ‘pulled’ it. Repeated practice will improve the accuracy of your putts.

Eleven Golf Ultimate Hybrid Iron Set

Eleven Hybrid Iron Set

Best new season golf products: Eleven Golf Ultimate Hybrid Iron Set

RRP £520 (5-PW), or £75 individually | Buy Now

Eleven Golf replaces every iron with a hybrid. The Eleven head places weight at the low-and-back portion of the club for maximum forgiveness and launch and the large sole gives you improved turf interaction and better performance from difficult lies.

It is so good that Today’s Golfer has branded it the best high handicap iron in golf. Here is what we have to say:

“If your game needs maximum help, and your swing speed is slipping away, our data highlight how Eleven Golf Hybrids could be a brilliant choice. Thanks to a hybrid-width body, our hybrid 7 produced masses of spin and height; exactly what slow speed players need to hit irons effectively.”

Why not try it for yourself and make the game that little bit easier?

Top Caddy 48V Lithium Battery with Bluetooth

Top Caddy 48V Lithium Battery with Bluetooth

Best new season golf products: Top Caddy 48V Lithium Battery with Bluetooth

RRP £1,695 | Buy Now

New to the market for all two-seater golf buggies and with a full five-year warranty, this lithium battery from Top Caddy also claims the biggest battery management system in its field for bigger capacity.

There are 18 and 36-hole options available with Bluetooth functionality enabling you to check the status and performance of the battery. A full charge of the battery only takes 2.5 hours and can be done at any time.

Verta Golf Clean Strike

Verta Golf Clean Strike

Best new season golf products: Verta Golf Clean Strike

RRP £11.95 (150ml) | Buy Now

Cleaning your golf equipment is quicker, simpler, and more convenient with Verta Golf’s handy all-in-one cleaner. 

Clean Strike is designed with convenience in mind when cleaning your clubs, shoes, and golf bag. The eco-friendly solution made from natural substances is kind to your skin with a 5.5 pH score and comes in a Prevented Ocean plastic bottle. 

The solution lifts dirt from the grooves and cleans grips while removing oils and is fragranced with sandalwood which keeps your shoes smelling fresh. 

Some Golfers have reported that the 150ml bottle will last at least a golf season. With over 2000 bottles sold since launch, this new cleaner is worth checking out!

Pocket Pro

Pocket Pro

RRP Free | App Store | Google Play

Our PGA Professionals will use their extensive knowledge and experience to develop your golf game, assisted by the latest technology. Upload swings easily at your own convenience, anytime, anyplace, and have them analysed & returned to you faster than any other industry alternative. Pocket Pro’s intuitive layout, accessibility & affordability makes it one of the very best ways to analyse & improve your golf game. Simply capture swings on your phone then upload them through the respective category, Driver, Iron, Wedge etc. Download the app today and sign up to receive your first swing check free!

Sugar Golf Balls

Sugar Golf Balls

Best new season golf products: Sugar Golf Balls

RRP £21.50 | Buy Now

Sugar golf balls are a premium US 3-piece urethane ball brought to the UK market by EGN Golf.

The brand has eliminated wasteful sleeves and unnecessary packaging, allowing them to put all the value into what matters most, creating a ball to compete with Titleist ProV1, Callaway Hex Chrome, Vice Pro, and other major tour balls.

The Sugar golf ball is designed to obtain the perfect balance of distance, control, and feel. Impressively, it outperformed the Titleist ProV1 in Sugar’s head-to-head robo-swing distance testing.

If you are looking for a premium golf ball at a not-so-premium price, then Sugar balls might well be one of the best deals out there!

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