Go Electric for a very affordable price with the new budget-friendly Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley

Everything you need to know about the Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley that’s been introduced as an entry-level model to get golfers to go electric

Motocaddy are responsible for some of the best golf trolleys gracing the fairways. They are best known for their fantastic range of electric golf trolleys – consisting of the brand-new M-Series range – which they have added to with the Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley.

The SE electric golf trolley is a brilliant budget-friendly option for any golfers currently using a push golf trolley and wanting to upgrade to a motorized model. Similarly, it’s a great option for anyone with an older model who’s looking to upgrade to something newer at a very affordable price.

Motocaddy offers a wide range of electric golf trolleys, their new SE slots in at the lowest price point and they have electric trolleys available at varying price points all the way up to the M7 GPS Remote which is the most expensive within their range.

Whichever Motocaddy electric golf trolley you settle on, you won’t be disappointed. The best Motocaddy golf trolleys are built with quality and precision and the SE electric golf trolley is no different despite its budget-friendly price tag.

What technology can be found in the new SE electric golf trolley?

Lead-acid or Lithium battery

You have the choice of whether you want your Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley to be powered by a lead-acid battery or a lithium battery. Typically, modern electric golf trolleys on the market feature a lithium battery but lead-acid batteries are still common. If you decide on the lead-acid battery it will save you some money. The only downside to the lead-acid battery is that the warranty isn’t as long as it is with the lithium battery.


The Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley sports the brand’s award-winning QUICKFOLD mechanism which allows you to fold and assemble the trolley in no time, creating less stress in the car park and eradicating that feeling of potentially being late for your tee time.

Nine-Speed Setting

Although there isn’t a large crystal-clear touchscreen display on the SE electric golf trolley for you to feast your eyes on. Motocaddy have incorporated the nine-speed setting featured on all of the more premium models. Thanks to the nine-speed setting you have the ability to adjust the trolley’s speed to match your walking speed perfectly.

On-Board Charging

If you decide on the lithium battery to power your Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley, you have the luxury of charging the battery without needing to remove it from the frame. You don’t even need to take the battery out for transportation or storage. However, if you opt for the lead-acid battery you will need to remove the battery after play, for charging, and for storage.

What do Motocaddy say about the new SE electric golf trolley?

Motocaddy Marketing Director, Oliver Churcher

“The SE is a perfect entry-level option for the golfer who wants to step up from the burden of carrying a bag, perhaps struggling with a push cart over hilly terrain or simply wanting to purchase an electric trolley for the very first time.

“Despite being available for under £500, which is significantly less than our nearest competitor’s products, the SE still provides golfers with the same high build quality and reliability as other Motocaddy models across our range.

“Golfers walk upwards of 13,000 steps and six miles during an average round of golf.

“Independent research indicates that 85% of golfers surveyed feel that an electric trolley helps them play better, with almost two-thirds stating that it makes the game more enjoyable, so we wanted to offer more golfers the opportunity to feel the benefit of an electric trolley.”

Motocaddy SE Electric golf trolley

Motocaddy are wanting to inspire more golfers to go electric with their Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley. the all-new Motocaddy SE electric trolley offers the brand’s customary styling, performance, and reliability at an extremely affordable price, making it accessible to as many golfers as possible.

The SE is based on the incredibly popular S1 and it can be powered by a lead acid or lithium battery. The lead-acid battery pitches at a very impressive £479.99, while the lithium battery is a respectable £549.99 - the lithium battery is Motocaddy's ULTRA lithium.

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