Which Motocaddy trolley is best for me?


Which Motocaddy golf trolley should you buy?

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Motocaddy offers a fantastic range of trolley options in both the electric and push categories and their models feature heavily in our annual awards lists.

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And its relatively new additions – the M5 and M3 models – incorporate a state-of-the-art GPS distance-measuring device. Put it all together and you have one of the best pieces of golfing kit out there. 

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But first check out the best MotoCaddy golf trolleys…

Best Motocaddy Electric Trollies: Push Models 

Motocaddy M3 GPS / Motocaddy M3 GPS DHC 

Weight: 10.4kg | Folded size: 650mm x 470mm x 410 mm | Warranty: Two years | Display: 2.8″

The popular M3 trolleys from Motocaddy have received a technological upgrade for the 2022 season, with the addition of a new dynamic green view which updates to display the shape of the green being played, plus the ability to move the flag position on its high-res 2.8″ LCD touchscreen display for accurate shot planning.

They can also connect to the Motocaddy GPS app via Bluetooth for optional smartphone alerts, plus course and software updates.

Incorporating a lightweight waterproof Lithium battery, the compact M-Series is powered by an incredibly reliable, next generation 28V system, while the space-saving inverting wheels allows the trolley to fold down to a compact size to fit even the smallest of car boots for easy transportation and storage.

The trolley handle is fully-adjustable to any height for maximum on-course comfort and the brand’s innovative Easilock™ bag-to-trolley connection system removes the need for a lower bag strap. All models also feature a USB charging port, convenient auto-open stand and oversized tubing for ultimate handle stability as standard.

You also get yardages for more than 40,000 preloaded courses with front, middle and back distances. The adjustable distance control up to 60 yards in five-yard increments is also very helpful.

For an extra £50, on either version, you can pay for an Ultra Lithium battery and you can get it in graphite or lime colouring.

Motocaddy S1 electric golf trolley

RRP £599.99 | VIEW OFFER

The S1 is the cheapest electric golf trolley Motocaddy offer at present, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bare-bones model. It won an Editor’s Choice Award in our 2020 TG Awards and Motocaddy say it’s been the world’s best-selling electric golf trolley over the past decade. 

It features:
– Anti-glare LCD screen with speed indicator and battery meter
– Nine speed settings
– Speed indicator & Battery meter
– Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45 yards)
– USB charging port
– Super-lightweight Lithium battery
– On board charging ‑ no need to remove battery for storage & transportation
– QUIKFOLD mechanism
– Soft-touch ergonomic handle
– Powerful, whisper-quiet 200W motor

The Motocaddy S1 is ideal for golfers wanting an electric trolley on a budget, or those who simply want an easy-to-use trolley without some of the extra features offered by Motocaddy’s more premium models. 

Motocaddy M1 / Motocaddy M1 DHC

M1 RRP £649.99 | VIEW OFFER

Motocaddy say the M1 is the simplest-to-use compact trolley in the world, and they may well have a point. 

It’s quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, and it folds into a compact package for transportation in the car boot or storage at home. 

It offers all the same features you get in the Motocaddy S1, but it’s more powerful, and boasts some upgraded design elements, including slimline ambidextrous sporty wheels. 

The battery is lightweight, and water and dust proof for protection against the elements. 

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Motocaddy M5 GPS / Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC


The Motocaddy M5 takes the in-built GPS and touchscreen from the M3 to another level. The screen size is increased from 2.8″ to 3.5″, and comes with significantly increased functionality, including the ability to set the pin position to get accurate yardages, and to receive texts, emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook notifications, etc. The trolley even offers built-in WiFi.

If you’re the kind of golfer who likes (or needs) to stay connected while you’re on the course, the Motocaddy M5 could be the best electric golf trolley for you. 

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Motocaddy M-Tech electric golf trolley

RRP £1,399.99 | VIEW OFFER

The M-Tech is the top-of-the-range model in Motocaddy’s range. Everything about the M-Tech screams luxury, with luxury finishes including polished chrome, hand-stitched leather handle grips, and stealthy black and carbon fibre styling.

You get built-in GPS and the larger, 3.5″ LCD touchscreen, with full functionality. DHC comes as standard. 

Motocaddy M-Tech owners are also rewarded with a longer warranty than the other models; you get a comprehensive 3-year trolley warranty and 5-year battery warranty for complete peace of mind.

If you aren’t bothered by remote control and want the best of everything (and don’t mind paying for it), there’s no question that the M-Tech will be the best Motocaddy trolley for you.

Best Motocaddy Golf Trollies: Push Models 

Motocaddy Z1 push trolley

RRP £144.99 | VIEW OFFER

The Z1 push trolley is the cheapest and lightest trolley Motocaddy offer. 

Given its budget price, it offers an impressive array of features, including:
– Simple two-step folding system
– Easy-push ergonomic handle
– Friction-free oversize wheels
– Foot parking brake
– Adjustable handle height
– Drink & Scorecard holders}
– Accessory compartment|
– Umbrella holder fitting
– Tee & ball holders
– Maintenance free rubber tyres
– Quick-release wheels
– Adjustable bag supports

The Motocaddy Z1 weighs just 6kg and comes with a 24-month warranty. If price and weight are the key factors for you, the Z1 could well be the Motocaddy trolley you’ve been looking for. 

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Motocaddy P1 push trolley

RRP £179.99 | VIEW OFFER

The Motocaddy P1 push trolley offers everything the Motocaddy Z1 does, but is even easier to set up thanks to a one-step folding mechanism that means it’s ready to use in seconds. 

At just 6.9kg, it’s still very light, and comes with the same 24-month warranty.  

Motocaddy Cube push trolley


If you’re struggling for space in the boot of the car or storage at home, the Motocaddy Cube could be the best golf trolley for you. 

It folds down into an incredibly small package, more than 40% smaller than the Motocaddy Z1. 

It offers all of the same features as the Motocaddy Z1 and Motocaddy P1, and the same 24-month warranty.

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Motocaddy DHC

We break down the main factors you need to consider and the key differences between each Motocaddy trolley to help you pick the right model for you….

Do you want a push or electric golf trolley?

If budget is your main concern, or you simply don’t mind pushing your trolley without any motorised assistance, a push trolley will be for you. 

They’re far cheaper than their electric counterparts (starting at £129.99 for the Motocaddy Z1 push trolley), they’re very light, and they tend to be very quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. Plus, with no battery, there’s not much to go wrong and you never need to worry about remembering to charge it up before a round. 

Most golfers, however, see the value in an electric golf trolley. Being able to stroll freely along the fairway while your clubs are transported by a whisper-quiet motor is a wonderful feeling. It’s a lot kinder on your body, which leaves more energy for your golf game, and if you play on hilly courses you’ll really feel the benefit. Speaking of which…

Do you need DHC in your Motocaddy golf trolley? 

‘DHC’ stands for ‘Downhill Control’. It’s a clever technology that Motocaddy use to ensure your trolley keeps an even pace when going down hills. A Motocaddy with DHC typically costs £50 more than the equivalent model without it, but anyone who has ever seen their trolley go careering away down a hill without them (normally before toppling over and spilling their clubs everywhere) will agree it’s worth the additional investment. 

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Motocaddy GPSIf you only ever play on flat courses, you may decide to save the extra money and put it towards some Motocaddy accessories, like an umbrella holder or scorecard holder, or to make the step up to the next model in the range. The Motocaddy M5 without DHC is the same price as the Motocaddy M3 DHC model, both at £799.99.  

Do you need GPS in your Motocaddy golf trolley?

Motocaddy’s entry-level electric golf trolley, the Motocaddy M1, doesn’t come with GPS. The Motocaddy M3, Motocaddy M5, and Motocaddy M-Tech all come with GPS as standard. 

If you use a golf GPS, you’re probably familiar with the faff of having to get it out of your bag each time you want to use it. Having your GPS built in to your trolley is fantastic, especially as all the information you need is presented on an easy-to-see LCD touchscreen.

It comes pre-loaded with 40,000 golf courses and you’ll get accurate distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as hazards. On some models, you can even use the touchscreen to adjust the pin position to where it is on the day and get an accurate yardage to that point. 

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From 2021, Motocaddy have also included additional features, including a clock, round timer, par and stroke index information, shot distance measurement, automatic hole advancement, and a battery meter. 

When you consider that a decent golf GPS with all of those features can cost £100-500+, having one included as part of your trolley represents wonderful value. 

But, if you already have your yardages sorted via a laser rangefinder or a GPS golf watch, you may prefer to save some money and opt for the entry-level Motocaddy M1, particularly if you don’t need the extra features offered by Motocaddy’s more expensive trolleys (we’ll come on to those features shortly). 

Do you want to be able to remote control your trolley? 

The Motocaddy M7 Remote enables you to control the trolley with an easy-to-use remote handset. It’s incredibly intuitive and really doesn’t take much getting used to.

Motocaddy Remote controlCynics may say remote control trolleys are a gimmick, but you’d be surprised how often they prove genuinely useful. They negate the age-old problem of having to walk out of your way to manoeuvre your trolley around the putting green, as you can simply drive it to where it needs to be while you walk towards your ball.

It’s handy if you’re in the rough, too; it’s often difficult to take your trolley through long grass, so you can simply leave yours on the fairway and then drive it up to meet you for your next shot while you take the direct route. 

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Basically, all those times where you end up walking further than you would if you were carrying your bag because you have to steer your trolley around something are negated by the remote control element. 

Be aware that the Motocaddy M7 Remote is one of the few Motocaddy models not to feature inbuilt GPS (it would defeat the object as the whole point of the remote is that you don’t need to be next to your trolley all the time). 

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