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Take away the stress of carrying your golf clubs with one of the best Motocaddy golf trolleys

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Motocaddy are renowned for constantly producing quality golf trolleys that sees them have multiple models feature among the best golf trolleys year in and year out. For 2024, Motocaddy have launched a new range of M-series electric trolleys alongside a fantastic value electric trolley – the Motocady SE.

They have been added to Motocaddy’s electric golf trolley family which also includes the two M7 remote models. If you’re in the market for one of the best electric golf trolleys you’re bound to consider a Motocaddy model.

There are considerable health benefits to owning a golf trolley as opposed to carrying your golf clubs, whether you opt for an electric trolley or a push trolley. In case you don’t want to splash out on an electric trolley – or if you just don’t see the need for a battery-powered trolley – Motocaddy produces some of the best push golf trolleys, known for their compact size and easy folding mechanism.

Best Motocaddy Golf Trolleys: Some key models to consider

Best overall: Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote | View Offer

Most aesthetic: Motocaddy M-Tech GPS | View Offer

Most affordable electric: Motocaddy SE | View Offer

Best for storage: Motocaddy Cube | View Offer

If you’re weighing up the pros and cons of purchasing a Motocaddy push trolley or a Motocaddy electric trolley then have a read through our extensive buying guide and it’ll help you make a sound decision. I currently use a Motocaddy electric golf trolley and having previously owned a Motocaddy push trolley I would always recommend opting for an electric model.

My reason for this is that electric golf trolleys are much easier to operate and they make for a much more relaxing round of golf. I understand that electric golf trolleys are more expensive than push golf trolleys, but if you can afford to purchase an electric model it’s well worth the investment.

How we test the best Motocaddy Golf Trolleys

With any product we review at Today’s Golfer, it’s thoroughly tested, whether that’s something as common as a golf towel or as complex as an electric remote GPS golf trolley. With the best Motocaddy golf trolleys, we ventured to Centurion Club to put the latest M-series trolleys and SE golf trolley through their paces. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with the Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote golf trolley for months at my home course – Cleveland Golf Club. I previously owned a Motocaddy Cube which I used for a number of years before upgrading to an electric model.

When testing the best Motocaddy golf trolleys there are certain non-negotiables we’re looking for, number one being stability and build quality. With a brand like Motocaddy, we expect their build quality to be at a premium and the stability to be spot-on because of their reputation – we’ve yet to see a need to complain about this. Another necessary criteria within a golf trolley is usability, which includes functionality and practicality. The best Motocaddy golf trolleys all excel when it comes to usability.

Certain features we look at that either depend on model or our preferences include storage, size, accessories, and (with electric models) battery, and charging. If you would like to read more about how we test golf equipment – or specifically how we test golf trolleys follow the links provided.

Motocaddy golf trolley testing at Centurion Club

Let’s take a look through the best Motocaddy golf trolleys money can buy in 2024. If you have any questions after looking through the options then hopefully our comprehensive buying guide and FAQs will help you make a solid decision. By investing in one of the best Motocaddy golf trolleys you’ll be playing stress-free golf in no time!

Best Motocaddy Golf Trolleys 2024

Motocaddy's most tech-packed electric golf trolley

Best overall Motocaddy golf trolley
Is this the ultimate electric golf trolley on the market? I would say so! This electric golf trolley offers absolutely everything you could imagine.

With a fully integrated GPS, remote-control functionality, and a standard 36-hole battery, there isn't anything else you could possibly want from an electric golf trolley.

The GPS is pre-loaded with more than 40,000 global golf courses. They're all viewable on the Crystal clear 3.5” LCD touchscreen display.

The Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote can be controlled either manually or via the remote control. With the remote, you can instruct the trolley to travel in all directions.

Potential life-saving defibrillator (AED) locations at the course can be found on the screen, as well as crucial CPR instructions, which is why we partnered with Motocaddy for our Drive for Defibs campaign.

The M7 GPS Remote electric trolley is fitted with Motocaddy's Downhill Control (DHC) technology which ensures the trolley maintains a constant speed while travelling downhill.

Other features of this impressive electric trolley are the all-terrain wheels that provide exceptional traction in all conditions, a removable anti-tip rear wheel that keeps the trolley incredibly stable on undulating golf courses, and Easilock compatibility which secures any Motocaddy cart bag without needing to be strapped in.

The M7 GPS Remote has a slightly larger profile than other M-Serie trolleys, but it still folds up neatly and is easy to store.

Read our full Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote trolley review.


  • AED locator is a fantastic addition
  • Very stable
  • Good battery life
  • Works with and without the remote
  • Incredibly clear and accurate GPS


  • Non-Motocaddy golf bags won't fit as securely
Weight 14.9 kg
Folded dimensions 650mm x 470mm x 410 mm
Warranty Two years (extended warranty available on the battery)

The most luxurious Motocaddy golf trolley

Most aesthetic Motocaddy golf trolley
The M-Tech GPS is hands down the most stylish and luxurious trolley Motocaddy offers. With hand-stitched leather handle grips and polished chrome detailing this stroller stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

The crystal-clear 3.5" LCD touchscreen is extremely easy to navigate and as well as viewing your speed and battery percentage, thanks to the high-performance GPS, you can view the layout of every hole on over 40,000 golf courses.

Being one of the most premium golf trolleys on the market, the M-Tech GPS is equipped with all the additional luxuries you'd ever want, including Downhill Control (DHC) technology and a parking brake which makes the trolley behave as if it's on level ground on even the most undulating golf course. Also to help on hilly courses, this model comes as standard with a retractable anti-tip rear wheel.

As with all of the latest M-series golf trolleys released by Motocaddy, the M-Tech GPS features the CLICK 'N' CONNECT cable-free battery that allows you to charge the battery without having to touch it!


  • Exudes luxury
  • High-quality build
  • Equipped with every piece of technology Motocaddy offers (apart from a remote)
  • 3-year extended warranty
  • Incredibly stable and sturdy


  • Your playing partners will be green with envy
Weight 11.8 kg
Folded dimensions 650mm x 470mm x 410mm
Warranty Two years (extended warranty available on the battery)

A GPS electric golf cart you control with a traditional T-bar handle

Best non-remote GPS Motocaddy golf trolley
If owning a remote-controlled electric golf cart doesn't really appeal to you, you can still own a GPS electric golf cart, and the best option is the Motocaddy M5 GPS.

There isn't much the M5 GPS doesn't have to offer compared to the M7 GPS Remote. DHC is optional with the M5 GPS but it's only really a necessary feature if you play an undulating golf course.

The GPS is displayed on a super-responsive crystal-clear 3.5" touchscreen display. On which you can view over 40,000 global golf courses.

The Motocaddy M5 GPS has been modified for 2024, featuring Motocaddy's innovative CLICK 'N' CONNECT cable-free lithium battery with auto-disconnect and pop-up charging port.

As well as being one of the best Motocaddy golf carts, this is an award-winning model that is a common sight on the fairways worldwide.


  • Impressive 3.5" touchscreen display
  • Features revolutionary cable-free lithium battery
  • Updated sleek style
  • Very similar to the M7 GPS Remote and much cheaper without a remote
  • Available with and without DHC


  • Performance Plan trial only six months and requires an annual fee
Weight 10.5 kg
Folded dimensions 650mm x 470mm x 410mm
Warranty Two years (extended warranty available for the battery)

Motocaddy's most straightforward GPS electric golf trolly option

Best value GPS Motocaddy golf trolley
The Motocaddy M3 GPS features a 2.8" LCD touchscreen display that's equipped with a high-performance GPS packed with over 40,000 global golf courses. The 2.8" screen is 0.7" smaller than the touchscreen display on the other GPS trolleys within the M-series family but just as clear and responsive.

You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and receive smartphone alerts. With a USB charging port situated underneath the display, you can charge any of your devices as you play. Being a part of the latest M-series range, the M3 also sports Motocaddy's CLICK 'N' CONNECT battery.

Unlike the remote-control models, you can utilise the adjustable distance control to send your trolley up to 60 yards down the fairway or towards the next tee - just be careful there aren't any bunkers or water hazards in the way!

I'm a huge fan of the lime trim on the M3, it's not overly garish and it gives the trolley a much-needed splash of colour. Like the M1 and M5 GPS, the M3 GPS is also available with or without Downhill Control (DHC) but that's not an essential feature for every golfer.


  • High-quality GPS that's easy to navigate
  • Packed with all of the essential technology
  • The lime trim contrasts nicely with the trolley
  • Available with or without DHC


  • The M5 GPS is a better option For those with poor eyesight because of the larger display
Weight 10.4 kg
Folded dimensions 650mm x 470mm x 410mm
Warranty Two years (extended warranty available for the battery)

A very affordable and easy-to-use electric golf trolley

Best user-friendly Motocaddy golf trolley
Motocaddy have made several improvements to their M-Series range of electric golf trolleys for 2024. The most notable upgrade is the CLICK 'N' CONNECT cable-free battery which makes it easier than ever to charge your battery without needing to remove the battery or deal with any cables.

The Motocaddy M1 is available with or without the Downhill Control (DHC) technology, which ensures the cart remains at a constant speed when travelling downhill as if it's motoring on a flat surface. DHC is a handy tool if you play on an undulating golf course but it's not essential for every golfer.

The Motocaddy M1 is a very user-friendly compact golf trolley packed with all of the essential features every golfer looks for in an electric golf trolley.


  • Easy-to-use and compact design
  • Cable-free charging
  • Available with or without Downhill Control for the first time


  • Isn't as feature-packed as other models but this is reflected in the lower price
Weight 9.9 kg
Folded dimensions 650mm x 470mm x 410mm
Warranty Two years (extended warranty available for the battery)

Motocaddy's budget-friendly electric trolley

Most affordable electric Motocaddy golf trolley
The cheapest electric golf trolley offered by Motocaddy is the SE electric trolley. The SE is such a reasonable price because of how simple the technology is, which makes it very easy to use.

The SE can be purchased with either a lead-acid battery or an ULTRA lithium battery. The lead-acid battery is much heavier than the lithium battery but it is cheaper.

The design of the SE is based on the incredibly popular Motocaddy S1 electric golf trolley. The trolley features a nine-speed setting along with a USB port underneath the handlebar.

This trolley is Easilock compatible and is easy to store despite only folding in half. The lithium battery version is easiest to store because the battery doesn't ever need to be removed - even for charging.


  • Fantastic value for a Motocaddy electric trolley
  • Available with either a lithium battery or lead-acid battery
  • Very popular style based on the highly-rated S1


  • Not as sturdy as other electric golf trolleys
Weight 9 kg (without battery)
Folded dimensions 850mm x 595mm x 355mm
Warranty One year lead-acid | Three years lithium

Super compact, making it great for small car trunks

Best Motocaddy golf trolley for storage
A winner in our annual TG Editor’s Choice Awards, the Cube has had a makeover and it’s now 40% smaller than Motocaddy’s entry-level Z1 push trolley.

Impressively light, it is also very simple to use thanks to its two-step folding system. This is the king of compacts and is a great idea if car trunk space is at a premium or garage storage space is tight with quick-release wheels freeing up even more space.

The oversized wheels and rubber tires help the trolley handle varying terrains with ease, while the foot parking brake ensures you won’t be chasing it across undulating courses.


  • Very compact
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to assemble


  • Heavier than Motocaddy's other push trolley
Weight 6.8kg
Folded dimensions 560mm x 365mm x 440mm
Warranty Two years

A push trolley you can fold up and down with the push of one button

Best folding-system Motocaddy push trolley
One push does plenty! The Motocaddy P1 push trolley is without a doubt the simplest trolley Motocaddy sells to fold away and unfold. By pressing just one button the trolley will either collapse or erect without needing to do anything else other than pushing down or pulling out.

With the P1 you can be on the course in seconds after pulling into the car park - perfect for the golfers out there who are always running late!

The P1 push trolley is extremely stable despite weighing less than 7 kg. The frame is very rigid and durable despite the sleek design. I would recommend the P1 over the Z1 because of how easy it is to put down and unfold.

Attached to the handlebar and frame is a built-in accessory station, granted, you will need to buy the umbrella holder - which in the UK is a necessity - but there's no need for any of the other accessories because the P1 has a built-in drinks holder, scorecard holder, and storage nest.


  • Extremely easy to fold and unfold
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Built-in accessory station


  • Doesn't fold down as small as the Cube
Weight 6.9 kg
Folded dimensions 850mm x 410mm x 410mm
Warranty Two years

Best Motocaddy Golf Trolleys: Buying Guide

Push trolleys and electric golf trolleys are considered beneficial to your performance and body. Luckily for you, Motocaddy offers both!

If you are sold already on the idea of purchasing one of the best Motocaddy golf trolleys, hold fire momentarily and have a quick read through our detailed buying guide below that highlights the key factors to consider so you can make the right choice. Also, if you’ve ever wondered how we test golf equipment, then take a look at our comprehensive guide, so you can rest assured that your choice is well-informed.

Carrying your golf bag requires you to lift and set down your clubs up to 100 times a round, placing extra weight and stress on your body which can lead to fatigue and, in some cases, injury.

The cons of carrying a golf bag against the pros of pushing a golf trolley.

And while many bag carriers claim that carrying is better for their health and fitness, Dr. Neil Wolkodoff, medical director of the Colorado Centre for Health & Sports Science, believes the benefits are less pronounced than they might think.

His research showed that over nine holes, golfers who carried clubs burned 721 calories, as opposed to the 718 calories burned by someone who pushed their clubs.

Dr. Wolkodoff said: “People who push a cart have a lot fewer health issues and a lot less potential for issues. The golf swing is tough on the back no matter how you look at it. If you can push a cart and keep one more stress away from the back, that’s a great thing.”

But, assuming you choose to follow the doctor’s orders, should you buy an electric or push model? Let’s take a look at other factors you should consider before purchasing a Motocaddy trolley.

Price / Budget

When purchasing any piece of golf equipment it’s never a bad thing to have a budget in mind. Obviously, with something like a Motocaddy golf trolley you should be expecting to spend more than you would on a lesser-known trolley company. With Motocaddy, you are paying for much more than the name – they are renowned for their premium products and I can vouch for their high-quality owning one myself. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend more than £800 if you don’t want to.

It probably goes without saying, but the more technology and functionality packed into a trolley drives the price up. The best way of sticking to a budget is by chalking off all the products you deem to be unnecessary, this way you’ll hopefully land on a Motocaddy trolley within your budget that does everything you require.

Having a budget or price in mind when buying a Motocaddy trolley is incredibly important because there’s such a huge price differential between the cheapest and most expensive trolleys.

The good news is that there’s a model for everyone, from those of you looking to spend around £150, right up to those of you willing to spend four figures. Just ensure you shop within your requirements and means.

Mode of Operation

Having set your budget, the next thing to consider is whether you want (and need) an electric trolley or push trolley. Electric options cost more money but come with a lot more features and are far easier to maneuver, especially if you play undulating courses. Push trolleys are much cheaper, are usually lighter, include more storage, and are very easy to use. Plus, you don’t have to remember to charge the battery before your round!

Purchasing a Motocaddy golf trolley isn’t massively complicated but it should require some thought. One of the first factors to consider is what mode of operations you would like. By this, I’m referring to whether you would be happy steering a push trolley, controlling your electric trolley manually, or using a remote to direct your trolley around the course.

Depending on which mode of operation you would like most, this will inevitably whittle down your options and make it easier to find the Motocaddy trolley of your dreams.

Ease of use

It’s all well and good having an all-singing all-dancing Motocaddy trolley, but if you don’t know how to use it then it’s pretty redundant. Push trolleys are by far the easiest trolleys to use because there are no electrics to operate.

Motocaddy’s range of electric trolleys are far from difficult to use. Obviously, that’s dependent on how well you can navigate the control panel. The easiest electric trolleys to use are those which have little functionality, but they aren’t as technologically advanced. Also, ease of use directly correlates with price because Motocaddy’s golf trolleys rise in price based on how many features are included.

I would say that all Motocaddy golf trolleys are easy to use, but I’m very familiar with how trolleys work. If you’re brand new to the golf trolley world then it’s worth having a look at as many models as possible before making your decision, and ensure you’re able to use the trolley and unlock its full potential.

Size and Storage

Size and storage only becomes important if, like me, you drive a car with limited storage space. The other time it comes into consideration is if you have little storage space within your home. The vast majority of the best Motocaddy trolleys do fold away very compactly. Even the models that don’t fold down as small as the compact models easily fit in my electric Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 alongside my Motocaddy Pro Series golf bag – albeit I do have to fold the back seats down.

The more compact trolleys do tend to be more expensive, but they’re worth it because they’re also easier to transport and carry.


Golf trolleys are an expensive investment and, while it’s rare, they can go wrong because there’s a lot of tech involved. Motocaddy offers respectable warranties and, if you’re buying an electric model, you’ll find you get a warranty for your trolley frame and a separate warranty for the battery.

You can read through the Motocaddy warranty information in its entirety by following the link.


With push trolleys, weight is much more of a factor because you have to exert energy in order to transport your golf bag and golf clubs around the course. Whereas with an electric trolley, weight doesn’t really matter because the motor is doing all the heavy lifting. However, it’s still important to factor in weight because if you own an electric trolley that’s awkward to lift and transport then it can become tedious to actually put it in play.

Folding mechanism

Motocaddy golf trolleys feature clever and easy-to-follow folding mechanisms. Like everything in life, it might be difficult the first time or two, but once you’ve collapsed and unfolded the trolley a couple of times it becomes a walk in the park.

Ideally, you don’t want a model that requires a lot of time and effort in order to get it ready for your round or pack it away once you’ve finished, and you can count on Motocaddy that none of their golf trolleys are tedious to fold down or erect.

Many of the best Motocaddy trolleys feature a one-step or two-step folding mechanism that’s incredibly straightforward. Some Motocaddy trolleys even have retractable parts that fold down and up when another part of the trolley is manually collapsed or erected.


You can pimp out your Motocaddy trolley with all kinds of accessories. Some accessories are necessary but others are much less needed. Motocaddy throws in the accessory station with the sale of one of their electric trolleys – except for the SE. The most wanted trolley accessories are the umbrella holder, drinks holder, scorecard holder, and travel cover – all of which Motocaddy offers.

I would strongly suggest investing in a travel cover and umbrella holder. I view both of them as essentials to add to your Motocaddy golf trolley purchase.


This is only necessary to consider if you elect for an electric Motocaddy golf trolley.

Once you have chosen whether you want an electric trolley you steer or control via a remote the next feature to consider is whether you want a GPS device built into your electric Motocaddy golf trolley or not. It’s likely that most golfers will already own a GPS device, such as a rangefinder, a handheld device, or a GPS watch.

You’ll need to think about whether you would benefit from having a GPS built into your electric Motocaddy trolley because they do increase the value of the trolley and if you don’t think you’ll get full use out of the GPS then it probably isn’t worth investing in a GPS electric trolley. However, before owning the M7 GPS Remote, I would never have owned an electric trolley with GPS, but now I don’t think I’d be happy with anything less.


There are two battery options to choose from – lithium or lead-acid (lead-acid is only an option with the SE). Lithium batteries are much more popular, but lead-acid batteries are used to reduce cost. Another difference is lead-acid batteries are much heavier than lithium batteries and they need to be removed during storage. Most lithium batteries can now be kept in the trolley even when charging thanks to innovative designs.

Unless you have your heart set on an electric trolley that is sold with a lead-acid battery, I would suggest purchasing one with a lithium battery.

Best Motocaddy Golf Trolleys: FAQs

Is an electric golf trolley better than a push golf trolley?

If you have the budget to invest in an electric trolley it will have much more positive impacts on your body and your golf game than a push trolley.

Electric golf trolleys are more expensive than push trolleys due to the additional technology, mechanics, and lightweight, super-powerful lithium batteries. While a push trolley is far more beneficial than carrying, an electric trolley lightens the load even further.

Many electric trolleys can also do things like charge your phone and receive your messages and notifications via their screens, Motocaddy even produces models that include GPS, saving you from buying a separate Distance Measuring Device (DMD).

What’s the difference between Motocaddy’s M-series and S-series ranges?

The main difference between the M-series family and the S-series range is the footprint when the trolley is folded. Both S-series and M-series trolleys make up Motocaddy’s range of electric golf trolleys. M-series trolleys are more compact than S-series trolleys.

Do Motocaddy golf trolleys include all of the accessories I need?

It depends on the model you purchase as to whether you’ll receive a free accessory station. Only the Motocaddy SE electric golf trolley and Motocaddy’s push trolleys aren’t sold with the free accessory station. Motocaddy’s push trolleys have integrated stations with storage pouches and a holder for an umbrella, drink, and scorecard – therefore the accessory station is redundant.

Motocaddy have a bunch of necessary and luxury accessories you can buy separately, including GPS and phone cradles, drinks and umbrella holders, rain covers, winter wheels, and travel covers.

Which golf trolley is quicker and easier to fold and unfold?

There isn’t a massive difference between push and electric trolleys. It all depends on how simple or complicated the folding mechanism is. Most of Motocaddy’s electric trolleys have the battery already installed so you don’t need to worry about adding or removing the battery during the folding down or unfolding of the trolley. The only electric model that needs the battery removed is the SE with the lead-acid battery – for safety reasons.

All of Motocaddy’s push trolleys are quick and easy to collapse and erect, and it becomes second nature after just a couple of goes.

Which Motocaddy golf trolleys are best for undulating courses?

Despite being heavier than push trolleys, electric trolleys effortlessly glide around hilly golf courses. Electric trolleys are far more beneficial to your game and body than carrying your bag around a hilly golf course. Just make sure the battery is fully charged!

The best Motocaddy golf trolleys on undulating golf courses are those fitted with their Downhill Control (DHC) technology which stops the trolley from motoring down a hill. On Motocaddy’s push trolleys, they all come equipped with a brake that can be applied with your foot.

Are electric golf trolleys easier to transport and store than push trolleys?

Even in the high-tech, modern world, weight tends to be less of an issue with push trolleys due to the lack of motors and having no battery. But size really depends on the folding technology. If boot and storage space is at a premium then be sure to check the size of the trolley folded down and measure your spaces before making a purchase. The last thing you want is to splash the cash and then find it doesn’t fit in your car with your clubs.

Most golf trolleys include easy-release wheels to make transportation, storage, and cleaning even easier.

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