Improve your game with advice from the best tour coaches

Getting a one-on-one lesson from a tour-level coach can cost anywhere from £400 to over £10,000! It’s because golf’s greatest coaches have a lifetime of knowledge that can elevate your game to the next level. Here they offer their expertise – and they won’t charge you a penny!

We asked leading tour golf coaches Claude Harmon III, Sean Foley, Pete Cowen, Phil Kenyon and Dr Bob Rotella for the biggest advice they would give amateur golfers. Their guidance will transform your driving, irons, short game, putting and mental approach, helping you shoot lower scores and enjoy golf more.

Claude Harmon III on ripping your drives

If you’re looking for more distance off the tee, look no further than to the man who has fine-tuned the swings of Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka, grandson of Claude, son of Butch. And though you may laugh, take heed when he says you have more in common with DJ and Brooks than you may realize.

There are parallels between what I might coach a tour pro and a mid-to-high handicapper. There have been times with Brooks where he’s been happy with how he’s hitting the ball and he’s said, “I don’t need a lot this week. I’m swinging really good. Just make sure my lines are good.” By his lines he means his basics, making sure his grip, stance, posture, and alignment are all good. And what applies to Brooks can also apply to you.

Brooks Koepka launches driver

Very few golfers pay enough attention to their set-up. It really takes no athletic ability – or even golf ability – to get into a good set-up. But most golfers are in such a bad position to begin with that they really struggle as the golf swing gets into motion, then it all falls down. If you look at the great drivers of a golf ball – people like DJ, Brooks, Rory, and Jason Day – they look like they were born with a driver in their hands. It’s very difficult to hit consistent golf shots if…

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