Me and My Golf’s best ever driver tips

Me and My Golf, aka Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, have helped millions of golfers improve their games with their simple, easy-to-implement advice. Here, they share their greatest driver tips to help you hit it longer and straighter off the tee.

The more time we spend with the world’s best golfers, the more we are struck by how uncomplicated they make the game for themselves – an approach we aim to pass on.

We keep it simple and don’t get too technical. Instead, we like to guide you towards proven concepts that will help you see the swing in a clearer and more effective light.

We are passionate about making you not just better swingers, but also better golfers. Technical progress is great, but it’s of little practical value if you are taking poor playing practices and strategies to the course.

Here we will act as your coach and your caddie, with five tips each to make sure both sides of your game receive their due attention. Experience has shown us that in your ongoing quest to improve your game, this dual approach really is the best way forward.

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