Phil Kenyon’s 5 steps to better putting

Putting coach to the stars, Matt Fitzpatrick’s guru on the greens and arguably the world’s best putting coach, Phil Kenyon reveals how two alignment sticks, several copies of TG and some elastic bands will improve your set-up and stroke.

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When the world’s best players need help with their putting, they inevitably call Phil Kenyon. A protégé of the original ‘putting doctor’ Harold Swash, he is the best putting coach of his generation. Over the last two decades, his client base has included five Major champions, 81 Tour winners and several Ryder Cup stars.

He also runs his own online putting academy. Now, in association with Odyssey, we’ve signed you up to his new five-step putting clinic, letting you in on many of his secrets.

Phil Kenyon says balance is key to good putting

Step 1: Find your balance

Balance is a really underestimated part of putting. Not many people pay attention to it, but it’s almost impossible to be a good putter if you don’t start the ball online and strike the ball consistently. And it’s hard to do that if your body is moving and you don’t have a reliable stroke. First you need to establish a stable base at set-up, which is where two alignment sticks come in useful.

1. Place two alignment sticks together on the floor and stand so the arches of your feet are elevated above them. As you stand tall, rock between your toes and heels and try to distribute your weight evenly before bending forwards and hitting a series of practice putts.

2. If you are someone who sets up with their weight too much on the balls of your feet, you will feel yourself rolling or tipping forwards as you take your posture. This is a great exercise to establish any biases and to build a stable putting stroke from the ground up.

Click here to read the full article on the Today’s Golfer Members’ Site.

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