Best Low Spin Driver 2019

Want to know what the best low spin driver of 2019 is? We decided to put the TaylorMade M5, Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero, Cobra F9 Speedback and Ping G400 LST head to head

The  popularity of low-spin drivers has grown considerably, particularly for people that tend to hit the golf ball harder or have a faster swing speed. They are also popular among Tour Pros, and can be pretty useful for golfers that tend to hit the ball a little bit lower in the face. 

With new driver launches in that market (the TaylorMade M5, Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero), we decided this was the right time of year to do this test. From last year’s launch we also tested the Ping G400 LST, and Cobra’s brand new F9 Speedback – included because it performed so well in previous tests.

Head to head, this latest driver test gives you a comparison between these four clubs on ball speed, launch angle, backspin, height, carry distance… and just how much money you are shelling out per yard.

The Data

At the end of the day we found there to be three yards difference in carry between the four drivers for our TG Test Pro Neil Wain, but remember that is just one person testing – and it could render different results for you. 

It really will come down to personal preference, and what you’re looking for in a driver, as the discrepencies between drivers continue to get smaller. 

Why we use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor

Foresight GC Quad launch monitor

Ball Speed
M5: 157.3 mph
Epic Flash Sub Zero: 156.7 mph
F9: 159.2 mph
G400 LST: 158.8 mph 

M5: 12.4 degrees
Epic Flash Sub Zero: 12.6 degrees
F9: 11 degrees
G400 LST: 12 degrees

M5: 2674 rpm
Epic Flash Sub Zero: 2571 rpm
F9: 2991 rpm
G400 LST: 3001 rpm

M5: 35 yards
Epic Flash Sub Zero: 35 yards
F9: 35 yards
G400 LST: 37 yards yards

M5: 263 yards
Epic Flash Sub Zero: 266 yards
F9: 264 yards
G400 LST: 264 yards

Price Comparison
M5: RRP £499 | Cost Per Yard £1.90
Epic Flash Sub Zero: RRP £499 | Cost Per Yard  £1.88
F9: RRP £349 | Cost Per Yard £1.32
G400 LST: RRP £389 | £1.47

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