Looking for a bargain this Black Friday? Here are the 10 best golf balls still live


Don’t let these Black Friday golf ball deals pass you by – grab them while stocks last!

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Did you miss Black Friday 2023? Not to worry, there are still fantastic deals to be had before the sales come to an end! There isn’t a better time to stock up on your favorite golf balls or take advantage of a brilliant deal and try something new.

There are some fantastic deals on golf balls you can take advantage of throughout the year. Although, Black Friday is by far the best time of the year to find find value, and save not only on golf balls but on all pieces of golf equipment and apparel. Regardless of what golf balls you tend to play, even the best premium golf balls can be purchased for an absolute steal.

Black Friday golf ball deals 2023: The best savings across the web

Best Golf Ball Deals: UK

Amazon UK: Over 40% on golf balls

Clubhouse Golf: Up to 50% off golf balls

American Golf: 2 For £35 on Wilson Duo Soft golf balls

Scottsdale Golf: Up to 33% off golf balls

Best Golf Ball Deals: US

Amazon US: Up to 25% off golf balls

Dick’s Sporting Goods: Multibuy offer on all Maxfli golf balls

PGA Tour Superstore: 2 For deals on a wide range of golf balls

Carl’s Golfland: Save up to 20% off golf balls

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year, with most people deciding to do the bulk of their Christmas shopping at this time. If you are planning on purchasing some Christmas presents around Black Friday, it can be the perfect time to find that perfect stocking filler and save yourself some cash.

Every golfer needs golf balls, so why not grab them while they’re on offer? It doesn’t matter whether you play with anything cheap and cheerful or a specific model you’ve loved for years, if it’s on offer it’s all sweeter – all golfers are the same in this sense!

Best Black Friday Golf Ball Deals – UK

£28.65 (was £49.99) at Amazon UK

Save over 40% on Wilson Staff Model
Price: £28.65 (was £49.99)


Wilson are often associated with value, and renowned for being cheaper than their competitors. However, at full price, Wilson Staff Model golf balls are just as expensive as the most played golf balls on Tour. So, while they're on this unbelievable offer grab as many boxes as you can! Sadly they aren't quite as discounted in the US but there are some brilliant US-only deals to capitalize on.

Read our full Wilson Staff Model golf balls review.


  • Brilliant offer if you like these balls or are looking for a stocking filler
  • Very strong feel from every club in the bag
  • Impressive stopping power when approaching greens
  • Good long game distance and penetrating ball flight
  • Raw finish is exceptionally durable


  • Firm feeling won't suit everyone
Construction 4-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression 100
Dimples 362
Feel Firmer
Flight Mid
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White
Alternative options Staff Model R
  • V-COR advanced performance
  • 4-Layer spin and control
  • 3SIX2 seamless urethane cover

£39.99 (was £49.99) at Scottsdale Golf

Save up to 20% on Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls
Price: £39.99 (was £49.99)


Callaway's most-represented golf balls on Tour are on offer this Black Friday across both sides of the Atlantic. Whether you live in the States or the UK, take advantage of savings on the golf balls played by Jon Rahm and Rose Zhang.

These savings stand on all Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls - from the low-compression Chrome Soft to the low-spinning Chrome Soft X LS.

Read our full Chrome Soft X golf balls review


  • Good distance off the tee and in the long game
  • Incredible spin and feel
  • Outstanding feedback from the club face
  • Range of alignment aids and visibility assistance


  • Soft feel won't be to everyone's liking
Construction 4-piece
Cover Soft urethane
Compression 100
Dimples 332
Feel Medium
Flight High
Long game spin Low-mid
Short game spin Highest
Color options White; Yellow
Alternative models 360° Triple Track; Triple Track; Tru Track
  • Precision technology
  • Construction optimization
  • Hyper elastic softfast core
  • New tour aero

£12.99 (was £19.99) at Amazon UK

Save 35% on TaylorMade Distance+

Rrp: £19.99

Price: £12.99 (was £19.99)
Amazon Amazon Prime
There probably aren't many golfers actively seeking this golf ball, but it's a brilliant option for most golfers to put in the bag - especially if you lose a lot during your rounds. If you want to find something cheap but useful you can't go wrong with TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls. They're brilliant value for money and worth picking up this Black Friday to make that pile of presents even better.

Read our full TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls review.


  • Enhanced alignment aid
  • Extremely versatile golf ball to suit a wide range of golfers
  • Soft distance golf ball
  • Impressive short game performance


  • Not available without the alignment aid
Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression 77
Dimples 342
Feel Soft
Flight Mid
Long game spin Low
Short game spin Mid-high
Color options White; Yellow
  • Plus alignment aid
  • Soft REACT core
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern

£20.99 (was £23.99) at Scottsdale Golf

Save 13% on Titleist TruFeel
Price: £20.99 (was £23.99)


They may not carry the same status as a Pro V1 but most golfers don't need to be playing with the same golf balls as the best players in the world - sorry to break it to you! There's nothing wrong with playing with a two-piece golf ball as an amateur (it's probably better for your game).

If you still want to play Titleist golf balls then why not get ones on offer? Titleist TruFeel is a brilliant golf ball that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Read our full Titleist TruFeel golf balls review.


  • Low penetrating ball flight
  • Brilliant ball in windy conditions
  • Incredibly soft feel


  • Struggle to generate spin in short game
Construction 2-piece
Cover TruFlex
Compression 65
Dimples 376
Feel Very soft
Flight Low
Long game spin Low
Short game spin Low
Color options White; Yellow; Red
  • TruTouch Core
  • 2.0 TruFlex Cover
  • Spherically-tiled 376 tetrahedral dimple design

£17.80 (was £25.00) at Amazon UK

Save over 25% on Wilson Duo Soft

Rrp: £18.95

Price: £17.80 (was £25.00)
Much like the Maxfli Softfli, Wilson's Duo Soft golf balls are a very low-compression option that will suit the majority of amateur golfers. Another plus with the Duo Soft is they are the world's softest golf balls which massively helps on those cold winter days because the feedback isn't as severe as it can be with firmer golf balls.

Being less than £20/$20 there isn't a better time to purchase a box or two of these golf balls. If you're in the UK you can purchase two dozen for £35 at American Golf - a fantastic deal on the run up to Black Friday.

Read our full Wilson Duo Soft golf balls review.


  • Incredibly soft feel
  • Long game distance is very impressive
  • High spin and control around the greens
  • Easily compressible core


  • Really soft and low-compression won't suit every golfer
Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression 40
Dimples 302
Feel Soft
Flight High
Long game spin Low
Short game spin Mid
Color options White; Yellow; Green; Orange; Red
  • Velocity boosting core
  • Low compression core

£47.99 (was £59.99) at GreatMagazines.co.uk

Save 20% on the Today's Golfer Annual Subscription
Price: £47.99 (was £59.99)


Why just buy golf balls when you can also purchase an annual subscription to Today’s Golfer and get 24 Wilson golf balls free – a dozen Triadss and a dozen Duo Softs! PLUS an extra 20% off Britain’s best-selling golf magazine. Use code EXTRA20 at www.greatmagazines.co.uk.

Best Cyber Monday Golf Ball Deals – US

1 dz $39.99 / 2 dz $60.00 / 4 dz $99.98 at Dick's Sporting Goods

Buy two dozen save $20 or four dozen and save $60
Price: 1 dz $39.99 / 2 dz $60.00 / 4 dz $99.98


Finally an offer for the US! Maxfli's premium golf balls are relatively cheap compared to other premium golf balls, but if you purchase them in bulk you save even more. If you haven't tried Maxfli's Tour range of golf balls then what are you waiting for? This offer isn't likely to stay and you might only have until Black Friday to capitalize on this mega deal.

Read our full Maxfli Tour X golf balls review.


  • Incredible value for money
  • Premium performance at an affordable price
  • Soft feel and long distance
  • One of the more durable premium golf balls


  • Alignment isn't very clear which won't suit everyone
Construction Tour; Tour S - 3-piece | Tour X - 4-piece
Cover Urethane
Compression Tour - 85 | Tour S - 80 | Tour X - 100
Dimples 318
Feel Tour - softer | Tour S - softest | Tour X - soft
Flight Tour - mid | Tour S | low-mid | Tour X - mid-high
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White; Yellow
  • Center of gravity balanced
  • Soft cast urethane
  • Tetrahedron dimple pattern
  • Fast core
  • High-speed mantle

$34.99 (was $42.99) at Carl's Golfland

Save over 20% on the Mizuno RB Tour X
Price: $34.99 (was $43.00)


Another brilliant premium golf ball that has been reduced for Black Friday. We can't get enough of these Mizuno golf balls that rival Pro V1s and TP5s. At a much cheaper price than other premium golf balls, you should definitely take advantage of this offer while it stands!

1 dz $24.99 / 2 dz $30.00 / at Dick's Sporting Goods

Buy two dozen save $20
Price: 1 dz $24.99 / 2 dz $30.00


Once again we have a brilliant offer for the US. Being a low compression Maxfli softfli will suit the majority of golfers and are one of the best ladies' golf balls on the market. Being so affordable to start with, and the fact you save money the more boxes you purchase this is an amazing deal to take advantage of this Black Friday.


  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Very easy to compress
  • Good distance and tight dispersion
  • Impressive short game performance


  • Only available in the US
Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression 35
Dimples 332
Feel Softer
Flight Mid-high
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Color options White; Matte yellow; Matte green; Matte orange; Matte red; Matte pink; Matte blue; Multicolor
  • Next generation core
  • Ultra-low compression
  • Icosahedron dimple pattern
  • Precision putting aid

Black Friday Golf Ball Deals: Buying Guide

How to make the most of the Black Friday golf ball deals

The thought of saving money on essentials is enough to get anybody excited. So, the fact that we all need golf balls in order to play golf makes the prospect of getting them cheaper even more exciting – or maybe that’s just me?

The best piece of advice I can give you this Black Friday is to stay up to date with all of our Best Black Friday deals pages and you’ll never miss the greatest offers you can take advantage of. However, that being said, there are a few tips I can give you to help find the best golf ball deals and not get sucked into deals not worth taking.

Which model are you buying?

It can sometimes be the case that brands are selling a previous model at a discounted price, but the savings might not be as good! Golf balls improve year on year so you always want to pick up the latest model. So, beware that you don’t fall into the trap of buying the previous model because they’re probably not on a special Black Friday promotion, it’s more likely they’ve been that price for a while, but companies and brands are trying to shift old stock.

Is it worth it?

We all love a deal, it’s ingrained in us! But sometimes are you better off not capitalizing on an offer? If you always play with a particular golf ball or even a particular category of golf balls, it might be best to stick with them even if they aren’t on offer, rather than shaking things up and buying something different that is on offer. While we all want to save money, it’s more important that you find the best golf ball for you and play your best golf.

Check the quality of the product

Black Friday can be when brands and companies introduce certain models on special offers to try and entice you into buying something you normally wouldn’t. If you aren’t sure how a certain ball will perform because you’ve either never played with it, or never even seen it, leave it alone and pick something you can trust or you know other people trust. Every golf ball deal we suggest has been quality-checked by our experts.

Don’t walk… run for the best deals

When a fantastic deal comes up don’t worry about leaving stock for anyone else, be sure to sort yourself out first. Sometimes it’s best to stock up on golf balls and equip yourself with enough ammo until next Black Friday when the fun starts all over again!

Black Friday Golf Ball Deals: FAQs

When do the Black Friday sales end?

Deals will continue to drop throughout Black Friday weekend, even though Black Friday has been and gone. This year Black Friday landed on Friday 24 November, but thankfully for us consumers the deals didn’t end then! Amazing offers continue to run before prices return to normal. So, be sure to shop these outstanding deals soon, before it’s too late…

How long do Black Friday sales last?

Officially, Black Friday is one day when retailers slash the price of their products allowing customers to make major savings they otherwise wouldn’t at any other time of the year. However, Black Friday is now much more of a weekend event, culminating on the following Monday – often referred to as Cyber Monday. This year the best deals continue to run beyond Cyber Monday but they could end at any time.

When did Black Friday deals start?

While Black Friday (November 24) doesn’t officially fall until the day after Thanksgiving, many retailers were advertising deals from the beginning of November with many continuing past Cyber Monday.

How much do Black Friday discount?

Discounts vary significantly between retailers with some research suggesting the average savings across the sale period to be in the region of 50%. You can expect the most popular items to receive more modest discounts of 20-30%, and less popular items to receive heavier reductions of 70% plus. Items will likely be discounted further as the official day draws closer.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy golf balls?

Black Friday sales undoubtedly present one of the best opportunities in the year for golfers to secure bargains on golf balls from the biggest brands in the game. With new models of balls being released in the new year, Black Friday sales are used by retailers to turnover surplus stock which is great news for golfers wanting to buy new golf balls or stock up on the ones they love!

Do golf retailers offer Black Friday deals?

Along with major online retailers such as Amazon, the majority of the biggest golf retailers will capitalize on the increased traffic around Black Friday and offer attractive discounts to customers ahead of the holiday season. PGA Tour Superstore, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Scottsdale Golf, and American Golf all offer Black Friday deals and are some of the most reputable places to purchase golf clubs.

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