Best Ladies’ Golf Shoes 2023


What are the best women’s golf shoes? Golf shoes aren’t just a fashion accessory, they are an essential part of your golfing wardrobe, enabling you to making a functional, effective golf swing.

Wearing a properly-fitted golf shoe will allow you to address the ball with a solid stance and make a powerful, balanced swing move.

How to choose golf shoes:

Comfort is key. We walk somewhere in the region of seven miles during a round of golf, so like a good pair of walking boots your golf shoes need to fit like a glove and not rub. Not surprisingly golf shoes have evolved from being quite rigid, sturdy and studded to looking more like their trainer counterparts from the athletic world.

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What are the most comfortable golf shoes for women?

You won’t go far wrong with a pair of FootJoy, Skechers or Ecco golf shoes if comfort is key for you. These brands create soft insoles that mold around the foot, create a solid foundation for the golf swing.

What are the types of golf shoes?

There are a wide range of ladies’ golf shoes in our shops, sold in varying styles with different performance benefits.

Generally-speaking, golf shoes can be divided into winter and summer styles. Winter designs are waterproof with spiked soles to prevent slipping on wet ground, often higher-backed like a boot. Summer shoes are lightweight with softer, spikeless soles that suit the firmer ground conditions we walk on, cushioning our feet. There are even women’s golf sandals to keep your feet cool on a hot summer’s day.

Ladies golf shoes come in an array of colours and styles and can be customised to give a truly unique personalised shoe.

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Do I need waterproof golf shoes?

Ideally, yes, but it depends whether you’re a year-round, all-weather golfer or only play when the sun is shining. Even then an unexpected shower could leave you with soaked feet, as could striding into long rough or playing early in the morning when the dew is yet to clear. All of the ladies’ golf shoes offer some form of waterproofing and come with a waterproof warranty.

FootJoy Premiere Series are among the best women's golf shoes.

FootJoy Premiere Series


Waterproof? Yes | Warranty One year  | Sizes 4-8, including medium and wide fit options | Lace Both lace and BOA Colours White/Blue, Black/Black | Spiked/Spikeless Spiked

If you prefer to shop at Harvey Nics for your high heels rather than the high street then this shoe will be crying out for you to try it on! As the name suggests, it is Footjoy’s premier ladies shoe and has a timeless, traditional design that will compliment any outfit, but with a modern performance twist.

The Premiere has a VersaTrax+ outsole with a revolutionary anti-channelling tread pattern designed to provide grip for any lie or angle you face during a round of golf, providing total traction and reducing any slippage.

A soft, supple full grain leather upper gives these shoes a superior feel and fit, while an Ortholite EcoPlush FitBed enhances stability and comfort during the swing, so that you can focus on playing your best golf, with no nasty shoe niggles.

For a really unique look we suggest checking out the MyJoy customisable service – there’s heaps of colours and options available to to give these a really personalised touch.

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Puma Ignite Blaze Pro are among the best women's golf shoes.

Puma Ignite Blaze Pro


Waterproof? Yes | one-year warranty | Sizes 4-8 | Lace Yes | Colours Puma White/High Rise, Puma Black/Rosewater | Spiked/Spikeless Spiked

Fashion-forward brand Puma certainly attract the talented youth on Tour (Lexi Thompson among the ladies) and their Ignite Blaze Pro aim to offer the perfect mix of high-performance alongside comfort.

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They’re designed to offer unrivalled support for lady golfers of all skill levels, from Tour professionals to casual players. Women who want to look better, feel better and play better.

Named after the full-length ‘Ignite’ cushioning in the midsole and innovative ‘Pro’ form TPU outsole, which combines with a full-grain leather upper to create a shoe that you can put on straight out of the box and play 18 – no need to break them in. We think the colour combos are spot-on, you can’t go wrong with black or white, they’ll compliment any outfit.

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Ecco Biom H4 are among the best women's golf shoes.

Ecco Biom H4


Waterproof? Yes | one-year warranty | Sizes: 3.5-7.5 | Lace Yes | Colours White, Limestone, Hibiscus, White/Silver Grey | Spiked/Spikeless Spikeless

Ecco have invested significantly in their own leather tanneries to guarantee that their shoes are made from premium performance leather. You can really feel the soft, supple quality of the leather. It gives natural protection from wind and water and this is enhanced by Gore-Tex technology to give your feet 100% breathable, waterproof protection, so they stay dry during a rainy round.

You’ll see a host of professionals striding the fairways in the new Biom H4 this year including LPGA Major Champions Lydia Ko and Minjee Lee. This hybrid shoe has been designed to give you the best of both worlds, supple comfort for walking from tee-to-green and superior traction, stability and rotational support in your swing.

It’s named after Ecco’s BIOM Natural Motion Technology that forms like a second skin around the foot, allowing it to move naturally close to the ground. A special inner sole gives you a finely tuned balance of cushioning and rebound – a real spring in your swing!

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adidas ZG21 BOA are among the best women's golf shoes.

Adidas ZG21 BOA


Waterproof? Yes | one-year warranty | Sizes 3.5-8.5 | Lace BOA | Colours Cloud White/Silver Metallic/Screaming Pink | Spiked/Spikeless Spiked

We love that adidas are committed to helping end plastic waste by improving the use of eco-friendly components in their shoes. The new ZG21 is partly made from recycled materials, a minimum of 20% made from 50% recycled materials, a positive step in the right direction.

adidas’ forward-thinking approach also applies to the BOA shoe closure too. Instead of laces BOA gives you a really quick, compact, secure fit with the turn of a dial.

The ZG21 shoes are designed to give a light, low and secure feel with a six-cleat Thintech construction that brings your feet closer to the ground for better weight transfer, balance and stability. This means more consistent ball striking and a solid foundation for powerful, accurate drives. They come in a choice of pretty colours and are also available in wide fit.

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FootJoy Stratos are among the best women's golf shoes.

FootJoy Stratos


Waterproof? Yes | one-year warranty | Sizes 4-8, including medium and wide fit options | Lace Yes | Colours White/Grey, Blue/Green, Silver | Spiked/Spikeless Spikeless

Do you suffer with sore feet after a round of golf? FootJoy’s Stratos shoe has been designed to end the aching feet woes of golfers like you. The shoe is named after the special foam (StratoFoam) that has been designed specifically for golf shoes to maximise your underfoot comfort and reduce foot fatigue throughout your round.

The clever foam cushioning system is made from a unique blend that allows the shoe to absorb swing shock and return energy. It’s made from plush leather which gives added comfort, a luxurious look and helps to give the shoe waterproof protection. It has a high-tech outsole with a special anti-channeling design that prevents lose debris from gathering under your foot, giving ultimate swing grip from any lie or awkward on-course angle.

The rounded shape to the toe area will particularly suit ladies with wider feet, allowing the toes to spread and grip with sock-like comfort.

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Skechers Go Golf Arch Fit Balance are among the best women's golf shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Arch Fit Balance


Waterproof? Water repellent | Sizes: 2.5-8 | Lace: Lace & Alternative | Colours: Navy/Pink, Grey/Blue, Black and White | Spiked/Spikeless: Spikeless

For the golfer who wishes her golf shoes felt more like a pair of comfortable trainers – that’s exactly what wearing a pair of Skechers ladies golf shoes feels like!

Over 20 years of data (including a whopping 120,000 foot scans) has gone into designing the arch support insoles inside these golf shoes. They are cushioned for comfort and to give you great swing support and step stability on the course.

First launched in Skechers’ award-winning running and lifestyle shoe collections, they proved so popular it was an obvious choice to take the concept to the golf shoe. The outsole has been engineered by the leading tire and rubber company Goodyear (think Formula One motors) so you know the quality is excellent.

LPGA Tour professional Brooke Henderson helped with the extensive on-course testing and her feedback contributed to ensuring the shoes give you plenty of traction and great comfort for 18 holes and beyond.

Skechers Go Golf Arch Fit Balance are among the best women's golf shoes.

Puma Ignite Fasten8


Waterproof? Yes, one-year warranty | Sizes 4-8 | Lace Yes | Colours: High Rise/Puma Silver/Scuba Blue, Puma White/Puma Silver/Pink Lady, Navy Blazer/Puma Silver/High Rise | Spiked/Spikeless Spikeless

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘shoes that fit like a glove’? Ignite Fasten8 bring this concept to life.

Nylon straps that are built into the lace wrap the foot, giving you a snug and secure fit. This shoe is ideal for the typical British summer conditions, sunshine and showers, as it is made from a waterproof, breathable mesh that works brilliantly to give a lovely lightweight airy feel while offering protection against rain water soaking your toes.

A special sole shield improves durability so you’ll get plenty of rounds in these before they show sign of wear and tear.

Nike React Ace Tour are among the best women's golf shoes.

Nike React Ace Tour

RRP: £114.95 |

Waterproof? Yes | two-year guarantee | Sizes 2.5-7.5 | Lace Yes | Colours White/Light Smoke, Grey/Black | Spiked/Spikeless Spikeless

The first performance golf shoe Nike has ever designed specifically for women golfers.

Every detail, from the new traction pattern sole to the innovative lacing system, is built to help you play your best golf, whether you’re a professional or just starting out on your learning journey.

So what exactly makes this shoe perfect for our female feet? For starters the fit. A shallower toe box, a tapered heel, a higher arch and an outsole that narrows through the arch – all in keeping with the typical women’s foot shape.

Then there’s the pretty special FlyEase lacing system that acts like a harness for your foot, giving a quick, secure fit with a simple pull of a band. A side loop releases with another easy pull. Nike trainers are renowned for their cushioned soles and the Ace Tour use a lightweight durable foam to put a smooth, springy feel in your step.

The piece-de-resistance is the unique outsole pattern that gives traction along the perimeter of the sole, the critical slipping zone beneath your foot, to increase grip in the transition into your downswing.

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Duca Del Cosma Atlantis are among the best women's golf shoes.

Duca Del Cosma Atlantis

RRP £159.95 | VIEW OFFER

Waterproof? Yes | one-year warranty | Sizes 3.5-7 | Lace Yes | Colours Red & Cream | Spiked/Spikeless Spikeless

If you’re a fashion-conscious lady who likes her designer labels then you’ll love the Duca Del Cosma line of golf shoes.

These high-quality Italian shoes would look just as chic on a model strutting up a catwalk in Milan as they do on the fairways. It’s a stylish, sporty look that will certainly add a touch of class to any golfing outfit, both on and off the course.

We particularly love the new Atlantis, crafted using soft Italian Nappa leather and embossed with a patterned finish that’s reminiscent of the pearlescent sheen you see when sea coral shimmers in the sunlight. The Atlantis will certainly add a little sparkle to any golf outfit. Duca Del Cosma pride themselves on being eco-warriors and their new Airplay XII outsole is made from recyclable rubber, which demonstrates the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

It also has a technologically-advanced lining that makes it fully waterproof and a special breathable Arneflex insert sole to ensure your feet stay dry and are comfortable throughout the round.

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G-Fore Rose Gold Quilted Gallivanter are among the best women's golf shoes.

G-Fore Rose Gold Quilted Gallivanter


Waterproof? Yes | one-year guarantee | Sizes 5-11 | Lace Yes | Colours Rose Gold, Snow/Tulum, Snow, Twilight, Snow/Onyx, Snow/Blush | Spiked/Spikeless Spiked

A shoe that claims to ‘massage your foot sole’, you can literally put these shoes on and wear them for 18-holes, no ‘breaking in’ required.

Not only is the G-Fore Gallivanter golf shoe designed for comfort but the triple density foam cushion inner sole is anti-microbial, so you won’t get any nasty after-round odours, and you can even put it through the washing machine so that it looks and smells like new.

As stylish as it is comfortable, the rose gold metallic leather panels with quilted details on the sides of the Gallivanter give it a stand-out, distinctive look that will turn heads, your playing partners will be asking with envy where you bought them. The leather is the very best quality and waterproof, so not surprisingly has a hefty price tag.

The fit will suit ladies with a narrow foot shape (we’d recommend ordering up a half size if you’re between sizes). A clever cleat design (yes, these are spikes that you’ll never have to replace!) improves your foot’s traction with the turf, so your swing stability will improve, as will walking across uneven course contours.

This is a high quality golf shoe that looks distinctively different from anything else on the market.

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