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Which are the best Nike golf shoes?

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Nike’s association with golf was cemented with the signing of a young Tiger Woods in 1995 and began an era where he wore some of the brand’s most iconic apparel including many of the game’s best golf shoes.

Since then, they have established themselves as a leading player in golf apparel, equipment, sunglasses, and footwear, adding to their undisputable reputation as the biggest sportswear brand in the world.

They continually produce iconic shoes and have created a fantastic range for men and lady golfers. Asides from Tiger, Nike Golf shoes are worn by some of the world’s best players, including Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Viktor Hovland, Scottie Scheffler, Tommy Fleetwood, Jason Day, and Tony Finau.

The Best Nike Golf Shoes 2024 At A Glance:

Best spiked golf shoe: Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour 3 | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Best spikeless golf shoe: Nike Air Jordan ADG 4 | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

Best waterproof golf shoe: Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% | BUY NOW – UK | BUY NOW – US

If you would like further golf shoe ideas, check out our features on the best waterproof golf shoesspikeless shoesspiked shoes, and ladies’ shoes.

But let’s start with the best Nike golf shoes…

Best Nike Golf Shoes:

Supportive comfort with old-school styling for every occasion

Best spiked golf shoe
Price: £204.95/$180
From every angle, this is a striking piece of footwear and you have to hand it to Nike for creating something not quite like anything we’ve seen before. Visually the Victory Tour 3 looks the part and is super comfortable and supportive thanks to the foam heel delivering a soft smooth ride.

The old-school look with a few vibrant colors will really set your outfit off and have your playing partners jealous on the 1st tee. Partnering with superb traction from the new Tour Flex Pro Softspikes, you have a shoe that's perfect for practice or a trip to the course.

You'll have no concerns regarding keeping dry, so wet weather isn’t a problem and there is plenty of grip too. Unquestionably you will get a smooth ride from a shoe that is very waterproof. It is just that some players may not like the feel during the swing because of how soft the heel is.


  • Super grip
  • Looks great on the foot
  • Breathable and waterproof


  • Crease on the upper easily
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colors 5
Waterproof Yes

The one pros helped design

Best waterproof golf shoe

Rrp: $160.00

Price: $129.98
Nike have a huge band of tour stars wearing their shoes, so it's no surprise they turn to them for feedback when designing new models. Brooks Koepka played a big role in the creation of the Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next%

We weren't alone in feeling the previous iteration was too narrow for our feet. Nike have listened and increased the overall volume to give your foot more room, which means this will have more mass market appeal.

A new plush padded collar at the ankle helps increase support and cushioning while reducing heel slip. The shoe now sports two Zoom air units and customer feedback has seen new spikes integrated into the heel and toe for much-improved traction.

There have also been improvements to the upper which is both breathable and durable. We also found it very easy to clean, which is a key factor in our reviews.

See how the Air Zoom Infinity Tour Next% compares to the best Nike golf shoes.


  • Air bubble
  • Soft underfoot
  • Great grip


  • Not the easiest to keep clean
Sizes 3.5 – 15
Colors 6
Waterproof Yes

Perfect partner on and off the golf course

Price: $120.00
When you buy Nike golf shoes you are guaranteed some clever bits of technology and the Infinity Pro gives you all that and more. With Nike, you also get a clever price point, and paying around $100 for waterproof golf shoes of this quality always helps.

The shoe is also incredibly eye-catching and one look at the base will certainly have your eyebrows raised. The molded base provides great levels of grip and is ideal for on and off the golf course.

At the top of the shoe, the flexible Nikeskin technology is a breathable but highly-protective system. Inside, the foam sock-liner provides extra cushioning yet the whole shoe is remarkably light.


  • Trainer style
  • Great with any outfit
  • React cushioning is super comfortable
  • Soft heel support


  • Spikeless
  • Lower traction
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colors 6
Waterproof Yes

The most iconic design

Price: $129.99
Alternative Retailers
Golf Galaxy
PGA TOUR Superstore
Another legendary Nike trainer has been adapted for the golf market and the result is a highly-versatile shoe that will do the job in most weather conditions.

The changes from the original are focussed on the top and bottom portions of the Max 90 with meshing covering the upper so your feet stay dry.

The sole is covered in traction plugs but it wouldn’t be Nike if the design wasn’t a little bit ‘out there’. Whether the bells and whistles are required is a moot point…the main thing is you get a grippy shoe with good stability and a high degree of support/comfort.


  • Iconic style
  • Great to wear to and from the course
  • Air bubble cushioning


  • Less grip wet conditions
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colors 4
Waterproof Yes

Worn and designed by one of the greats

Price: £224.95/$240
It's been ten years since this Iconic pair of shoes were unleashed on the feet of one of, if not the greatest golfers to ever play the game, so why not walk in their shoes if you have the chance? The design of the TW '13 began when Tiger asked Nike for a design of a golf shoe that was the same as the shoes he ran in. The result was a combination of comfort and performance that changed golf shoes as we know them.

The shoe has been rereleased and enhanced to match up with some of the modern golf shoes on offer. The outsole is designed to mimic the natural movement of your foot through the swing, harnessing the energy produced from you to the ground. The sole features updated spikes and receptacles for great grip.

With the TW '13, you can really see the ideas of Tiger all over the shoe and why it has been so successful. The style is iconic and the lacing system in the shoe helps secure the foot. Subtle TW icons on the tongue and the heel of the shoe really add to the design and bring together what really is a great shoe.


  • Designed by Tiger
  • Exceptional grip
  • Lightweight like a running shoe
  • Secure lacing system


  • Only comes in two colors
  • Lack of cushioning on the heel
Sizes 3.5 – 15
Colors 2
Waterproof Yes

From the gym to the course

Price: £89.95/$85
The Nike Roshe trainer is one of the most iconic in the world so it was no big surprise when Nike adapted the Roshe for the golf market.

It is certainly one of the new breed that sits as well off the course but the sole is still one that generates a lot of grip. Nobody quite does futuristic underbellies like Nike and this a classic example of a molded spikeless grip that is total unique.

It is certainly a golf shoe for the summer but with that comes a large degree of comfort – the injected foam midsole does a great job in that respect – and it is also extremely lightweight.


  • Super lightweight
  • Trainer style comfort
  • Great to wear all-day
  • Lots of color choices


  • Not ideal for wet conditions
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colors 7
Waterproof No

Bringing streetwear to the links

Best spikeless golf shoe for all-day comfort
It doesn’t get any more iconic than Nike Air and the giant American sportswear brand doesn’t miss a trick. The Nike Air 270 golf shoe does look like it is designed for the basketball court but their supremely-sleek shoe has a lot more going on than that. The flexible-yet-substantial upper will keep you dry.

However, as is the case with many Nike products, it is the lower half of the shoe that really contains all the stardust.
The sole is, again, like nothing else you have seen before with its jagged edges and more conventional center portion.

And, as you would expect from an Air product, the comfort is considerable with a giant Air Max unit combined with a foam midsole to make every step a comfortable one.


  • Can easily wear them all-day
  • Great looking
  • Amazing grip


  • The tongue system creates a tight fit to start off
Sizes  3 – 14
Colors 4
Waterproof Yes

Great quality at a great price

Rrp: $74.99

Price: $54.97
Alternative Retailers
Golf Galaxy
PGA TOUR Superstore
This is one of the best-value golf shoes from Nike in recent times, the Infinity G is packed with everything you want in a premium shoe at a less so premium price. For less than $70 you're getting a classic-looking Nike golf shoe that is fully waterproof and offers plenty of traction with soft foam cushioning.

The sleek-looking Infinity G has eye stays that have been reinforced for longer durability, the shoe features spikes that have been integrated into the sole itself and do provide great traction but I'd be worried after months of wearing how they'd look and whether they'd perform the same.

Overall, this golf shoe is great to look at and will go with most outfits, looking good with either shorts or trousers. This shoe wouldn't look out of place amongst some double its price and for golfers who want quality but don't want to pay the premium price, the Infinity G from Nike is ideal for you.


  • Great value for money
  • Soft foam cushioning
  • Fully waterproof


  • Spikes are not changeable
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colors 1
Waterproof Yes

Designed with the future in mind

Price: £124.95/$120
These shoes are hanging onto the old-school styling that was featured on previous iterations of the Victory Pro. The latest version of any product always comes with more tech and this is no different. The Victory Pro is made from recycled materials all in Nike's push toward being carbon neutral.

The shoe is perfect for casual and committed golfers alike, the low-profile look with the two-tone colorway is easy on the eyes, and along with the iconic swoosh it makes for a great-looking shoe.

The Victory Pro is super comfortable and provides excellent traction, thanks to its Hybrid outsole which performs well in poor weather conditions. The synthetic upper makes the shoe super easy to clean which is a necessity for golf shoes especially here in the UK.


  • Super comfortable
  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Classic Nike design


  • Narrow design
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colors 3
Waterproof Yes

Best Nike Golf Shoes: Air Jordan

Michael Jordan.

The Jumpman

Best spikeless golf shoe
Price: £159.95/$185
For those who don’t know much about the Jordan golf range, it might come as a bit of a surprise to see they look like a modern golf shoe rather than an adapted trainer.

There is certainly a modern tweak here and there and a few basketball-related touches. Still, essentially there is a lot of the ‘old’ in the ADG4, especially the premium leather upper, which looks like a Footjoy model from the 80s or 90s (apart from the laces).

The lower down the shoe you go the more modern it gets and certainly, the sole is very 21st-century with its dramatic molded edges. They certainly generate lots of grip. Add in the waterproofing and you are left with a shoe that will work well all year round.

The ADG 4 has Jordan styling everywhere you look and there are clues in the outsized tongue and the eyelets. That said the overall package, visually, is relatively understated which means it should have mass appeal.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable leather upper
  • Great traction


  • Hard to break in
Sizes 3.5 – 16
Colors 5
Waterproof Yes

The style of the court designed for the links

Rrp: $150.00

Price: $103.97
This takes its inspiration from the original 1985 low-cut version of the Air Jordan, the shoe that helped transform the American company into the biggest of its kind in the world.

However, like the ADG 4, there is nothing too ‘out there’ about what Nike have done. The sole is very different from the original to aid with grip, but the overall package is relatively conventional.

The stitched leather upper is pure classic, while the heel is supported by encapsulated air. Could almost be one for the growing number of shoe collectors.


  • Iconic design
  • Comfortable on and off the course
  • Durable


  • Lack of traction
  • Not as supportive as classic golf shoe
Sizes 6 – 13
Colors 4
Waterproof Yes

Golf Shoes Buying Guide

How do we test golf shoes?

Here at Today’s Golfer, our team of carefully selected reviewers tests and assesses each product over an extended period of time. Having tested tens of thousands of products over the years, we know exactly what to look for. We will ask every possible question about each product that we review. With a range of everyday golfers testing products you can rest assured that if it’s a situation that can arise for you on the golf course, we’ve already put the product through that scenario before recommending it.

With golf shoes, testing means wearing them for multiple rounds so we can determine the out-of-the-box performance in a variety of conditions. The overall performance of a product will depend on variables such as grip, durability, versatility, comfort, and fit.

We are lucky enough to attend product launches and meet the manufacturers to understand why they release a new product and its benefit to the consumer. The TG team pride ourselves on the fact that we understand and test all of our products to give you our honest and in-depth opinion on whether it is worth buying or not. The reviews and recommendations are there with you the readers as our highest priority, so we can recommend products that will help you improve your game.

See a full guide to how we test golf equipment.

How to choose a golf shoe

One of the most important things to get right for the golf season is your golf shoes. There are a number of different variables to consider when picking what’s going to be on your feet out on the course. To assist you along your shoe-buying journey we have put together what we think are key points to consider when buying your next pair.


The first thing we advise when buying any golf product is to set yourself a realistic budget and stick to it. You can spend anything from £50 to £250 on golf shoes, depending on the brand, style, tech, and materials.

With hundreds of different models available, setting a budget for your next golf shoes will help to narrow down your search.

If the brand isn’t important to you then you’re more likely to be able to spend less money than if your heart is set on a pair of current FootJoy or Ecco shoes for example.

If you’re just starting out in golf, this is your first pair of golf shoes, or you only play occasionally we’d recommend setting a lower budget. Firstly, there’s no point in blowing a fortune on the shoes if you’re going to discover you don’t actually like the game as much as you hoped or only get on the course a couple of times a year. Secondly, the money you save on shoes can be spent adding other equipment, paying for some rounds, or getting yourself some lessons.

Spiked or spikeless

Many of the best golf shoes seen above and across the best brands now are split evenly between spiked and spikeless which both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Golf shoes with spikes tend to give better grip/traction out on the golf course with them having soft spikes placed around the outsole. Spiked shoes are the more durable option as they have replaceable spikes, meaning if you look after and replace them there should be no reason they won’t last a long time.

With spikes on the outsole, the shoe has added pressure points on the foot which can result in a slightly less comfortable fit. Spiked golf shoes are less versatile as they aren’t designed to be worn both on and off the golf course.


The Spikeless option may not give golfers as much traction as spiked golf shoes but they have come a long way in recent years. Spikeless golf shoes tend to feature small rubber molds on the outsole to aid grip, however, with technological advancements, companies are finding new ways to improve spikeless traction.

The use of compounds such as TPU has allowed brands like Under Armour and Ecco to produce a spikeless shoe that, when partnered with rubber molds, gives arguably as much traction as a spiked shoe. Spikeless shoes are becoming more and more durable, and modern styling makes them more attractive as an everyday shoe. With brands using tech from their running shoes in golf shoes, they are often uber-comfortable too.

Spikeless shoes are lighter and much more versatile. They’re a shoe that you can drive in and hit drives in.


Some of you may live in an area of the world that gets a lot of rain, making a waterproof shoe a must. Or you may be a golfer that likes to prepare for any outcome on the course and doesn’t want to be left with soggy feet from an unexpected shower.

In the UK waterproof shoes can be a sensible option when picking out what to wear on the course. Many golfers buy a waterproof pair for winter, and a more breathable lightweight shoe for summer.

Buying a pair of shoes that are guaranteed waterproof can cost a little more so if you live in a part of the world where rain rarely falls (hello Dubai), then you can save yourself a bit of cash with a non-waterproof model.

Correct fit

Arguably the most important part of picking out a new golf shoe is getting something that fits your feet correctly. This will help prevent blisters and stop your feet from moving around, which can limit your control during the swing.

When putting on a shoe for the first time always make sure there is no pinching or movement. When your foot slides in you always check your toes fit at the end of the shoe and have a walk around in them to make sure they feel comfortable. We’d even recommend making a few golf swing motions to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Under Armour use ‘normal’ laces throughout their range of shoes. But most brands including FootJoy, adidas, Nike, and Ecco use a system called BOA. This lets you twist a dial to tighten the specially formulated laces and can provide a better fit that doesn’t loosen when playing. While BOA often creates a more secure fit, the look and feel aren’t for everyone and BOA models tend to be more expensive.


With your average round of golf being more than four hours, comfort is king when buying golf shoes. If your shoes are uncomfortable and hard-wearing on your feet, your mind will be distracted from playing good golf.

Try to find a shoe with good cushioning for the bottom of your foot and around the heel. Good heel and ankle support will keep your foot secure and will help with your golf swing.

You want to make sure that the shoe isn’t too soft as that may also hinder you in the long run as it won’t be as supportive. Finding a balance of support and comfort is what you should be looking for to make the most out of your new golf shoes.


Modern golf shoes come in many styles. It’s not all about the traditional look on the golf course anymore. A classic-looking shoe can now be seen next to the latest pair of sneakers on the tee box.

There are golf shoes out there for everyone, from brogues to lightweight, knitted models. You need to consider what shoes you wear and like wearing off the course and then you should have no trouble getting a style that suits you on the course.

We’d always recommend you thoroughly research all of the options and create a shortlist to try.

Best Nike Golf Shoes: FAQs

What are the best golf shoes?

All of the shoes on our list will provide a comfortable and supportive fit for you out on the golf course. The main thing you need to focus on when picking a new pair of golf shoes is something that fits well, is supportive, suits your style, and is ideal for the conditions you play golf in.

If you are somewhere cold and wet it would be better to pick a spiked waterproof pair than someone who lives somewhere hot and dry they may need a spikeless breathable shoe.

Do any pro golfers wear spikeless golf shoes?

Most of the golfers on tour will and do wear spikeless golf shoes due to the fact each event chases the sun and rarely do they have adverse weather conditions.

All of the courses at tour events around the world will offer up some of the best conditions to play golf in so spikeless shoes will offer pros enough grip to play at their best. Spiked shoes will make an appearance on tour if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

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