Best TaylorMade Golf Balls 2024

Which TaylorMade golf balls are best to use in 2024?

I wonder if TaylorMade ever gets bored of being one of the best manufacturers for everything in golf!? They are very well regarded for their quality equipment, and their golf balls are some of the best in the business. Whether you want to play with the best cheap golf balls or ones used by Rory McIlroy, TaylorMade has you covered. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself at exactly how TaylorMade makes golf balls.

Who doesn’t want to play with the same balls as Rory McIlroy or Charley Hull? TaylorMade’s best premium golf balls are a serious competitor to Titleist’s Pro V1 which are the #1 golf ball on Tour. One thing TaylorMade does exceptionally well is that they have a ball perfect for all golfers – even their non-female specific models are some of the best ladies’ golf balls.

Since being founded in 1979, TaylorMade has continually strived to produce exceptional equipment worthy of being used by the best players in the world (something we don’t expect to change despite the golf ball rollback going ahead). As well as delivering on this, they offer amazing products for beginners and high handicappers – including very reasonably priced golf balls that offer fantastic value.

The best TaylorMade golf balls at a glance:

Best premium TaylorMade golf balls: TaylorMade TP5x | VIEW OFFER – UK | VIEW OFFER – US

Best TaylorMade golf balls to help with alignment: TaylorMade Tour Response | VIEW OFFER – UK | VIEW OFFER – US

Best value TaylorMade golf balls: TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink | VIEW OFFER – UK | VIEW OFFER – US

Best cheap TaylorMade golf balls: TaylorMade Distance+ | VIEW OFFER – UK | VIEW OFFER – US

It’s unlikely you have never played with a TaylorMade golf ball in the past, or currently, it might be your brand of choice. This is because they offer models for every golfer, even for amateur golfers who like premium golf balls but don’t want to pay premium price points. Their model for this category of golfers is one of the best mid-handicap golf balls on the market and an example of the innovative and exciting work TaylorMade carries out.

Whether you’re a serious golfer wanting to play like Nelly Korda or Tommy Fleetwood, or if you just enjoy getting out and having a knock with your friends playing with a cheap and cheerful distance golf ball, you’ll easily find a TaylorMade golf ball to fulfill your needs.

Best TaylorMade Golf Balls 2024

TaylorMade's most popular golf ball on Tour

Best premium TaylorMade golf balls
TP5x golf balls are one of the best golf balls for golfers seeking superior distance, control, and consistency on the course. These premium golf balls feature a five-piece construction, incorporating a soft urethane cover designed to optimise ball speed, increase distance, and promote a higher. Specifically engineered for players who demand the best, the TP5x balls offer a firmer feel compared to their TP5 counterparts, appealing to those who prefer a more solid sensation off the clubface.

One of the key attributes of the TP5x is its ability to deliver impressive distance off the tee with low spin, while still providing high levels of spin and control for precision shots around the green. This versatility makes them a favourite choice among both professional Tour players, including Rory McIlroy and Charley Hull, as well as amateur golfers looking to elevate their game.

Who are they for? 
As TaylorMade’s fastest tour ball, the TP5x is for golfers willing to pay for tour-level performance but who also put a premium on maxing out distance over a softer feel. Both Rickie Fowler and Tommy Fleetwood use the TP5x Pix, and while a majority of TaylorMade’s other staff players choose the ‘x’ marquee over the standard model the brand insists the two models allow them to cater to very different player preferences. 
So, where the TP5 is for golfers who prioritise touch and feel in their short game and those wanting a noticeably softer feel the TP5x reduces driver and long iron spin giving more of a focus on distance while maintaining greenside control. Expect the TP5x to launch higher but with a flatter overall trajectory so this is not a ball that’s going to promote towering Rory McIlroy-type approaches.  
The TP5x is faster and longer with the driver and irons but also a little lower spin with a wedge, a setup that works brilliantly for Rory McIlroy, Collin Morikawa, and Dustin Johnson.   
Watch out during the season as TaylorMade regularly reveals new HotShot Limited Edition TP5 and TP5x with everything from doughnuts to pickles, peaches, cars, and pizza to celebrate different events around the globe. And if you’re lucky enough to live in the USA (the service is coming to Europe) you can choose from 83 different MySymbol prints to customize your ball through the brand's website from the comfort of your own home. A service even Rory McIlroy is exploring for his own logo. 

Read our full TaylorMade TP5x golf balls review.


  • Firm feel is extremely responsive
  • Delivers an amazing high ball flight
  • The cover is more durable than the previous model


  • Won't work as well as the TP5 for golfers who don't have super quick swing speeds
Construction 5-piece
Cover Soft-tough cast urethane
Dimples 322
Feel Soft
Flight High
Long game spin Low
Short game spin High
Colour options White; Yellow
  • New speed wrapped core
  • Progressive 5-layer construction
  • Seamless Tour flight dimple pattern

TaylorMade's premium golf balls that exhibit outstanding short-game spin and control

Best short-game performance TaylorMade golf balls
There aren't too many five-piece golf balls on the market but definitely the best received are the TP5/TP5x golf balls. By including five layers it gives TaylorMade more ability to dial up the performance and technology. The TP5 produces more spin in the short game and is easier to manipulate and control. Backed up by the results of the previous model TP5 in our 2023 robot test..

While you might not get as much distance as the TP5x, (Bryson might disagree with me here) distance isn't everything. If you prioritize greenside spin and control there aren't many better than the TP5. Moving slightly further away from the green, we only found two balls to spin higher with a pitching wedge in our very in-depth robot test. Also, with a 7-iron it was one of the highest spinning golf balls.

Who are they for?
All golfers who are willing to buy tour-level golf balls, but who also put a premium on a softer feel rather than maximum distance. The TP5 which is TaylorMade’s softest tour ball is usually a better fit for golfers who like to see more shape to their shots, whereas the TP5x is great for those who see shots in straight lines with the ball falling one side or the other of their target line.     

TaylorMade believes the TP5 and TP5x are very long golf balls with mid and long irons, so much so rumor has it, Rory McIlroy saw ball speed gains of 2mph while testing the new 2024 models.

In typical TaylorMade fashion they’re so confident in their design they are running challenges throughout the season to show their models will gain golfers 5 yards of carry distance in just five shots against their preferred ball of choice.

Staff golf ball player Rickie Fowler commented after going through the brand's fitting process, “I’m fine hitting 5-iron 220 yards, but now I can get to 227 yards that’s a half club less which is a serious gain in one generation”.

Read our full TaylorMade TP5 golf balls review.


  • Excellent short-game spin and control
  • Extremely soft feel and incredibly responsive
  • Lower and more penetrating ball flight than the previous model
  • Tour approval being in the bags of some of the biggest stars in golf


  • Not the most durable urethane cover
Construction Five-piece
Cover Cast-urethane
<meta charset "utf-8">Compression
Dimples 322
Feel Softer
Ball speed Faster
Iron distance Longer
Wedge spin<div class "bauer-product-card"><div class
Launch High
Colour options <meta charset
  • New seamless tour flight dimple pattern
  • Speed-layer system
  • High-flex material

One of the best amateur-level golf balls exhibiting premium feel and performance

Best TaylorMade golf balls to help with alignment
Price: $41.99
Alternative Retailers
If you've just read about the TP5x golf balls and you're thinking, "They sound good but I don't know whether I want to pay that much", Tour Response might be the answer. With these balls, you don't sacrifice too much technology found in TaylorMade's premium golf balls but you still get the feel and performance. The main difference between Tour Response and TP5/TP5x is compression - dropping to 70 on this ball. Even if you have a quick swing speed you'll get away with Tour Response but you might not get as much distance with more spin.

In our thorough robot test Tour Response came out as a solid golf ball for varying swing speeds. While it didn't blow us away in any category it delivers in all. A quality golf ball from tee to green with premium feel and performance at a fraction of the price of Tour standard golf balls. During our testing, we found the Tour Response to be very good for golfers of all abilities with varying swing speeds, making it a very versatile option.

A very welcomed addition to this range is the Tour Response Stripe golf balls with a 360° clearpath alignment which not only helps with alignment but also with visibility. Through the air, it's much easier to see than a plain white ball. If you're an amateur golfer currently playing with premium golf balls, it's well worth giving Tour Response a go and seeing how they compare. I guarantee you won't be disappointed (if you are that's on me)!

Who are they for?
The Tour Response was designed for all club golfers but it should be adopted by any golfer who can honestly say “I’m not good enough to play a tour level ball” or “tour level balls are too expensive for me to play”. The Tour Response has a 70 compression which means it’s a great fit for anyone who traditionally might struggle to compress a firmer feeling tour ball.
TaylorMade are incredibly protective about how they get the 360° Stripe running around the balls equator as no other brand has yet developed a way to do this at scale.

The Stripe graphic is a by-product of developing the brand's MySymbol balls as they hadn’t previously realized they could print the whole way round a golf ball's surface. The Stripe is a great alignment tool on the tee and green whilst also giving brilliant visual feedback on how putts run across the green's surface.

Expect fast ball speeds, a high ball flight, excellent wedge spin, and a soft feel. Interestingly several top tour pros have also been spotted using this model for feedback on how they’re rolling putts on the putting green.    

Read our full TaylorMade Tour Response golf balls review.


  • Amazing visual and alignment aid (Stripe golf balls)
  • Really soft feel and impressive spin in the short game
  • Good feedback and response from every club in the bag
  • Great distance off the tee for quick swing speeds despite lower compression


  • Could be too high spin for players with quicker swing speeds
Construction 3-piece
Cover Soft tour cast urethane
Compression 70
Dimples 322
Feel Soft
Ball speed Fast
Wedge spin Higher
Launch High
Color options White; Yellow
Alternative models Tour Response Stripe
  • New tour flight dimple pattern
  • 100% urethane cover
  • Speedmantle with high-flex material

The ball for value-conscious golfers who want to personalize their game

Best value TaylorMade golf balls
Here at TG, we’re big fans of not making golf harder than it needs to be so we love TaylorMade’s ‘Don’t make golf harder. Play a softer ball’ tagline for the new SpeedSoft. The SpeedSoft is TaylorMade’s first sub-50 compression golf ball, so it chases a soft feel, without compromising on ball speed.

Inside the Ionomer cover a large low-compression PWRCore balances distance off the tee with an ultra-soft feel on iron approaches and wedge shots around the green.  
The Ink's splattered multi-axis printed pattern doesn’t just add a splash of color to your game. The idea is the pattern and color give greater contrast with the golf ball's white cover, so on-course visibility is improved too.

TaylorMade’s goal is redefining the golf ball market with their expertise in customizing and personalizing golf balls for every level of golfer. For the first time, the SpeedSoft Ink brings the company's visual tech capability to the masses of golfers who just won’t pay for premium urethane golf balls.         

Who are they for?
At this price and thanks to the Ionomer cover many will say the SpeedSoft is a value/budget option but TaylorMade’s Director of Product Creation, Golf Ball – Michael Fox would disagree. He told us “Typically value golf balls sell for less than £20 a dozen, whereas the SpeedSoft sits within a value and performance category between £20 – £30 a dozen”. So, while TaylorMade would love to sell all golfers premium £50 TP5 balls, they know lots of golfers just won’t play within this space.
In reality, after researching the category TaylorMade has found golfers who buy within the £20 - £30 a dozen market aren’t that dissimilar to golfers who spend £50 a dozen on a box of golf balls. These golfers are enthusiastic, passionate about the game, and play just as much golf as bigger spending players. Interestingly their handicaps tend not to be spectacularly different either.
All in that means the SpeedSoft Ink is aimed at a huge amount of club golfers who don’t see the benefit of investing in medium to high-value golf balls. Even though these players won’t pay top dollar they enjoy personalizing their golf balls as they were the early adopters of colored and patterned golf balls which are now spreading up the food chain to more premium models.

When, like TaylorMade has already been asked, "Is it possible to get the Ink pattern on a TP5?" you know you’ve absolutely nailed the Ink’s design. 


  • The Ink splatter pattern gives great visibility
  • Expect a lovely soft feel
  • A great balance of price and performance


  • Traditionalists will find the pattern distracting
Construction Two-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression Sub 50
Feel Softest
Ball speed Fast
Iron distance Long
Wedge spin Mid/High
Launch Mid
Colour options White, Yellow plus five Ink color patterns

Budget-friendly quality TaylorMade golf balls that will suit a wide range of golfers

Best cheap TaylorMade golf balls
Price: $19.97
Alternative Retailers
DICK'S Sporting Goods
PGA TOUR Superstore
Golf Galaxy
These balls might be aimed at beginners and high-handicap golfers, but I was pleasantly surprised when I played with these golf balls. TaylorMade's Distance+ won't win any awards, and neither will you see it being used by Tour players, but that doesn't make it a bad option - even for better amateur golfers. At such a reasonable price it really is one of the best cheap golf balls on the market.

Performance from tee to green with this ball is very impressive considering the price. However, on the greens is where you really get your money's worth with this ball. The Distance+ has a plus alignment aid which I found makes lining up putts extremely easy (even for someone like me who massively struggles). It's strange that a distance golf ball offers such amazing value on the greens, but I couldn't believe how well it performed in the short game for a two-piece ionomer golf ball.

Read our full TaylorMade Distance+ golf balls review.


  • Enhanced alignment aid
  • Extremely versatile golf ball to suit a wide range of golfers
  • Soft distance golf ball
  • Impressive short game performance


  • Not available without the alignment aid
Construction 2-piece
Cover Ionomer
Compression 77
Dimples 342
Feel Soft
Flight Mid
Long game spin Low
Short game spin Mid-high
Color options White; Yellow
  • Plus alignment aid
  • Soft REACT core
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern

A distance golf ball built specifically for female golfers

Best distance TaylorMade golf balls
Price: $22.56
If distance is something you struggle with the first port of call could be changing your golf balls. Why not give TaylorMade Kalea a whirl? They are specifically engineered for female golfers. Kalea's have been designed to launch easier and fly farther than other ladies' golf balls. Being primarily a distance golf ball, the greenside performance of the Kalea isn't anything to write home about but it's admirable and we think it'll suffice for the majority of amateur golfers.

Off the tee, we saw the Kalea travels very well and exhibits competitive long distance. If you purchase them in the matte peach or matte purple color they are extremely easy to see and just add a bit of color to your game. These colors might not be to every golfer's liking so there is a white (to suit the traditionalists).

Read our full TaylorMade Kalea golf balls review.


  • Easy to launch and long distance
  • Soft feeling for a distance golf ball
  • Matte finish models are vibrant and clear


  • Doesn't feel as premium as the Soft Response
Construction 2-piece
Cover Soft ionomer
Compression 60
Dimples 342
Feel Soft
Flight Mid-high
Long game spin Low
Short game spin Mid
Color options White; Matte peach; Matte purple
  • High-energy REACT core
  • Low drag aerodynamics

Best TaylorMade golf balls: Buying Guide

How to determine which TaylorMade golf balls will best suit your game

You can’t go wrong playing with TaylorMade golf balls, but you can go wrong if you’re not using the right TaylorMade golf balls for you. Every golfer is different and has different needs when it comes to golf balls. It’s highly unlikely you’d find a TaylorMade golf ball that didn’t work for you regardless of your skill level, but there are definitely options that’ll work better than others. It’s simply a case of figuring out the best model for your game.

In order to help you decide on the best TaylorMade golf balls for your game, here are a few factors to consider and make the purchasing process a tad easier for you.


TaylorMade have golf balls to suit golfers of all abilities, so no matter what your skill level is TaylorMade will always have a golf ball you can play. In order to get the best golf balls for your ability you need to be as honest with yourself as possible. By doing so you might just save yourself some money and find the perfect ball to help you lower your scores. On the other hand, you could realize you’ve been playing with the wrong balls that don’t complement your game and are holding you back from shooting better numbers.


TaylorMade manufactures quality golf balls that are used by Tour pros and amateur golfers alike. Their performance is as strong as any other company producing top golf balls. While the performance of every golf ball is strong, some golf balls will perform better for you than others. In order to find the best performing TaylorMade golf ball for you, try as many worthy contenders as possible and pick whichever best improves your game.


Regardless of what your budget is, TaylorMade have an option to cover all price points. No matter how much (or how little) you’re looking to spend you’ll find a quality golf ball to put in the bag. If you’re a better golfer you might have to spend a little bit more to get a golf ball that works for your game, but it’s not always the case. If you don’t want to spend a lot you don’t have to before finding a brilliant TaylorMade golf ball to play with.


Most golfers prefer a soft-feeling golf ball. If you’re one of those golfers take your pick with TaylorMae’s range because every single one of their balls is soft – even their distance golf balls. If you prefer a firmer-feeling golf ball there a some TaylorMade golf balls that are firmer than others, but they aren’t firm by any stretch.

A graphic showing the five layer construction of the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball

Best TaylorMade golf balls: FAQs

Are TaylorMade TP5s as good as Titleist Pro V1s?

While TaylorMade’s TP5 golf balls are comparable to Titleist’s Pro V1s, it’s completely dependent on who you ask as to what you’ll get as an answer for this question. However, my answer is that they are definitely as good, and in some respects they are better – especially when looking at dispersion from our robot test. Other golfers will argue that Pro V1s are better, which is completely understandable considering their popularity among amateurs and their usage on Tour. Whichever golf ball you lean towards, both are quality premium golf balls to enjoy using.

Do many pros play with TaylorMade golf balls?

If you dive into the bags of Tour players, you’ll find the majority of them play with Titleist’s Pro V1 or Pro V1x. However, the majority of TaylorMade staffers play with their TP5 or TP5x golf balls which are their premium golf balls and one of the best on the market. TaylorMade’s golf balls are popular on every Tour from the PGA to the LPGA.

What golf ball does Rory McIlroy use?

Rory McIlroy is currently playing with the TaylorMade TP5x golf balls and has been for quite some time now – he doesn’t look like changing anytime soon!

A graphic of the five layer construction of the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball

How do the 2024 TP5 and TP5x differ from the previous 2021 models?

The TP5 is now in its 4th generation and the big new story for 2024 is a new SpeedWrap core additive. The idea allows TaylorMade’s super smart engineers to lower the density of the TP5’s core, so there’s less space for sound to travel inside. Less space means a lower audible sound, which means engineers can create a faster construction (essentially a firmer ball that feels and sounds like a softer one) which of course translates to added distance.

By controlling the sound of the core, faster mantle layers are added in much the same way as how the company uses SpeedFoam to enhance sound while supporting a thinner face in the brilliant P790 irons.

Incredibly the idea is so good if you dropped a new SpeedWrap TP5 core from head height onto a tiled floor alongside a previous one the softer-sounding product would also be the fastest and longest. So, the new TP5 is a win-win for sound/feel and speed/distance.      

Is it true the 2024 TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x are long when hit with an iron?

TaylorMade believes the TP5 and TP5x are very long golf balls with mid and long irons, so much so rumor has it, Rory McIlroy saw ball speed gains of 2mph while testing the new models. In typical TaylorMade fashion they’re so confident in their design they’re running challenges throughout the season to show their models will gain golfers 5 yards of carry distance in just five shots against their preferred ball of choice.

Staff golf ball player Rickie Fowler commented after going through the brand’s fitting process, “I’m fine hitting 5-iron 220 yards, but now I can get to 227 yards that’s a half club less which is a serious gain in one generation”.

The TaylorMade TP5 2024 Pix 3.0 design and pattern

How different is the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x Pix 3.0 design?

TaylorMade says to come up with the new 3.0 Pix pattern they’ve considered tour player and consumer feedback and as the design wasn’t broken they’ve tweaked the ClearPath Alignment system rather than completely reinvent it.

A new longer centreline on either side of the name serves up more precise alignment help when setting up on the green. The new Pix design has also evolved away from a ‘motion’ tringle to a new diamond shape with additional orange coloring being much more of a focus. The switch removes black from the center line and adds more color which enhances visibility and helps make alignment on the green much more user friendly.          

PHD Researcher Rory England sets up the tech for our robot golf balls test.

How we test the best TaylorMade golf balls

At Today’s Golfer, we pride ourselves in thoroughly testing every piece of golf equipment in order to provide you with as much information as possible, and it’s no different for the best TaylorMade golf balls. Every golf ball TaylorMade has to offer has been rigorously tested in multiple situations and conditions, both on and off the course. Some of our TaylorMade golf balls have been put through their paces in our second successful golf balls robot test.

When testing any piece of golf equipment we’re always looking for certain factors, and with balls, it’s sound, spin, distance, feel, performance, and durability (along with anything else that crops up). Most of the time brands are happy to send us their products, but if we ever need to acquire them ourselves we do so. This way we can provide all the necessary insight to help you buy better. If you’d like to find out more about how we test golf equipment, please click here.

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