TaylorMade P790 Irons (2023) Review

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  • TG Rating 5 out of 5
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  • Pros
    • Having the option of trying stronger and weaker lofts during a fitting is genius thinking.
    • The players' distance iron that has more proven pedigree than all of its competitors.
    • A slightly lighter regular flex shaft opens the model up to more average swing speed players.
  • Cons
    • A truly difficult iron to fault.
  • RRP £172.00

What we say...

Everything you need to know about the 2023 TaylorMade P790 irons, with their larger sweet spot and enhanced launch and playability.

Since its launch in 2017, there’s been no bigger iron than the TaylorMade P790. This single iron model has utterly transformed TaylorMade’s iron business. The franchise has confidently become known as one of the best golf irons available, and it’s also seen as the benchmark for what club golfers want within the players’ distance iron market. As the model enters its 4th generation, sales show no sign of slowing up and the P790 remains the iron other brands want to knock off its pedestal.

With the previous P790 having been in the market since 2021, TaylorMade has sensitively looked at how they can rinse additional performance from the model without spoiling the equity the best players’ distance iron of its generation has built over the last six years.  

For the 2023 P790, TaylorMade has focused on optimization by looking at each iron within the set as an individual. Through some hefty reengineering, their team has created a new Flighted Centre of Gravity which enhances launch and playability in the long irons and improves control with the scoring irons – an idea the brand first used in the 2022 TaylorMade P770. There’s also a new larger sweet spot that protects the ball speed of more off-center hits than previous models.

Here’s everything else you need to know about the 2023 TaylorMade P790 irons.

The 2017, 2019, 2021 and 2023 TaylorMade iron models

Everything you need to know about the TaylorMade P790 (2023) iron

There’s a flighted CG

Moving lots of weight inside the head of a hollow body iron is a tough task, as the walls are incredibly thin. But, by taking an individualistic approach to each iron in the set TaylorMade has created a progressive center of gravity, which essentially runs upwards in a line from the longest to shortest iron, which isn’t always the case with other irons on the market. The results may not be too noticeable through ball flight to all golfers, but essentially it means shots launch progressively higher as the iron lofts get stronger, and shafts get longer.  

Inside that means each iron needs its own unique shape, which hasn’t been the case with previous P790 models. Thanks to this mass optimization helping reduce vibration we reckon the impact sound is improved too.

An image showing the inside construction of the whole set of TaylorMade P790 (2023) irons

Finding the sweet spot       

Improving what is already an iconic iron model is a tall task for even the most brilliant engineers, but thanks to the new mass optimization idea golfers can expect a slight swelling of the size of the sweet spot in the new P790 model.

There are no massive claims from TaylorMade on how much the idea improves performance apart from the brand saying more off-center shots will be captured, which helps deliver improved ball speed and accuracy consistencies.

Forged face

With previous versions of the P790 being such a winning combination, TaylorMade felt zero need to look at new construction methods for this new head. So, like many hollow body players irons the new P790 has a forged face (4140 steel) and 8620 steel cast body.

Inside injected SpeedFoam supports the face, so less ball speed is lost at impact, the material also dampens vibration and tunes sound.    

An image showing the internal weight and SpeedFoam construction inside the TaylorMade P790 (2023) iron

Lighter regular flex shaft

Undoubtedly TaylorMade wants the P790 to appeal to as wide an audience as possible and we love how like the previous model the regular flex shaft option comes in at a slightly lighter 95g weight (where the stiff runs to 105g). We’re absolutely not saying this opens the model up to very moderate swing-speed players. But, if you generate average levels of speed this is going to be more friendly and attractive, plus a better feeling option.  

Weight a minute

Tungsten has always played a role in the TaylorMade P790 irons, but where the original 2017 model had 8 – 13g inside this new model has up to 38g across the set (which is also 7g more than the previous 2021 model). The weight is positioned predominantly in the toe which helps hold the face square when shots don’t impact the center face.

Extra discretionary weight has also been freed up by creating a thick/thin pattern on the back wall of the iron.

Choose your loft

With irons lofts being such a hot topic of debate it’s worth remembering TaylorMade has developed a SelectFit system that allows you to try each of the brand’s irons at either stronger or weaker lofts. So if you’re swing speed is on the cusp of not being enough to launch the P790 (or any other of the brand’s irons for that matter) high enough to stop shots on the dancefloor it’s completely possible to weaken lofts by 1 or 2° to optimize ball flight for your game.   

The TaylorMade P790 (2023) iron back and at address

Details: TaylorMade P790 (2023) iron

RRP: £172 (s), £200 (g) per club

Stock steel shafts: Dynamic Gold 105 (X,S), Dynamic Gold 95 (R)

Stock graphite shaft: Mitsubishi Chemical MMT

Category: Players’ Distance Iron

Forgiveness rating: 2.5/5

7-iron loft: 30.5°

Where does the P790 (2023) sit within the TaylorMade irons family?   

The new 2023 P790 sits in exactly the same place within the TaylorMade iron line-up as it’s always been, this is a players’ distance iron. The model is highly likely to suit mid to high single-digit handicappers, plus possibly up to 12 or 14 handicappers, so long as your ball striking prowess is better than your handicap suggests.

A table showing where the P790 (2023) irons sits within the TaylorMade iron family

Lots of golfers get drawn into thinking the smaller, more player-focused P770 is their bag, just be aware this model has a 7-iron that’s 2.5° weaker in loft, so if not giving up distance is important to you the slightly more forgiving P790 is likely to be a better option.

Any decision between the P790 and Stealth comes down to whether you want the feel and sound of a forged face hollow body iron, which inevitably costs more. Or, if you’re happy accepting the cast Stealth. Both are good irons, but if you play each at their stock loft, so long as you have decent levels of speed, the Stealth should be fractionally longer as the lofts are stronger (1.5° in the 7-iron).

How does the TaylorMade P790 (2023) compare to the competition?

ClubLoftBall SpeedLaunch AngleBackspinHeightDescent AngleCarry Distance
TaylorMade P77033°122.8mph16.4°6,178rpm32yds46.4°174yds
TaylorMade P790 (2023) 30.5°126.3mph15.7°5,222rpm32yds45.5°184yds
TaylorMade P790 (2021)30.5°125.3mph15.5°5,794rpm32yds45.8°180yds
TaylorMade Stealth28°129mph13.8°5,465rpm30yds44.2°188yds
Callaway Paradym29°128mph14.6°5,273rpm31yds44.6°188yds
PXG 0311 P GEN630°125.1mph15.3°5,685rpm31yds45.1°181yds
Ping i52530.5°124.8mph15.3°6,111rpm31yds45.6°178yds

Pretty much every major iron launch we’ve been to over the last couple of years mentions how strong the P790 is in the marketplace. The likes of Titleist, Callaway, and Cobra are super keen for their models to compete against it. We saw 10 yard carry distance difference between our four players’ distance iron models, which says some are making a better fist of it than others. However, none should be eliminated from the conversation, based on distance alone.  

Yes, the Callaway Paradym produced a 1.7mph faster ball speed and carried 7-iron shots 4 yards further than the 2023 P790, but this model also has a 1.5° stronger 7-iron loft, so it naturally should do. In this category, cosmetics, shaping and finishes count for a lot. And many golfers are likely to prefer the timeless elegant satin finish of the P790 over the high polished glary Paradym which will age much more quickly.

The P790 does spin a little less than the three other players’ distance models on test. But to be fair to TaylorMade it also launches and flies higher and is just 0.1° away from hitting the green with the steepest descent angle, so this is a powerful and playable iron. Compared to the previous P790 (2021) it’s also a fraction faster and longer too. 

The TaylorMade P790 2023 Iron sole, face and hosel offset

Verdict: TaylorMade P790 irons (2023)

Admittedly the new P790 is not massively different from previous generations, but it’s still an absolute top-performing iron amongst its peers. The head shapes from long to short irons are super desirable, whilst not being to intimidating. Our test pro also thought the model sounded more solid at impact too.

We love how TaylorMade stockists, can through the brand’s SelectFit system, let you try the model at stronger and weaker lofts (up to +/- 2°) to find your perfect set-up. An option that’s just not possible with every other manufacturer.

When coming up with verdicts we always ask ourselves where we’d spend our own money. And just like the three previous generations, the 2023 P790 as backed up by our test data would be front and center stage if we were looking to bag a new set of players’ distance irons any time soon.

We didn’t have the new Titleist T200 samples for this test, but bearing in mind the fitting opportunities it would be well worth trialing both sets alongside each other, as there’s only £45 a set between the pair. All in if you’re after a premium set of brilliant hollow body players’ irons that will stand the test of time they don’t come with much more pedigree than the P790.         

TaylorMade on the P790 irons (2023)

“P790 is a collision of art and engineering,” said Matt Bovee, Director of Product Creation for Irons. “The allure lies not only in the clean design and visual appeal but also in the high-performance machine that lives within. It’s the total package, an ideal blend of external elegance and internal power.”

Specifications: TaylorMade P790 irons (2023)

Length men’s39″38.5″38″37.5″37″36.5″36″35.75″35.5″
Swing weight men’s (ST/GR)D2/DOD2/DOD2/DOD2/DOD2/DOD2/DOD2/DOD3/D1D3/D1
Length women’s38″37.5″37″36.5″36″35.5″35″34.75″34.5″

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Product Information

TaylorMade P790 (2023) iron

RRP: £172 (s) £200 (g) per club / $1,399 (steel) $1,499 (graphite) for a seven-club set

Stock steel shafts: Dynamic Gold 105 (X,S), Dynamic Gold 95 (R)

Stock graphite shaft: Mitsubishi Chemical MMT

Custom order steel shaft: KBS Tour Lite (S, R)

Stock grip: Golf Pride Z-Grip

Category: Players’ Distance Iron

Forgiveness rating: 2.5/5

7-iron loft: 30.5°

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