How to choose the best golf ball for your game


The ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every single shot, so it’s important to get the best golf ball for your game.

Players looking to buy the best golf ball should look at models in the right category for their game, commit to using one ball at all times and consider alignment balls to sharpen accuracy. Here’s how to get it right…

Soft or firm?

Since Callaway introduced the Chrome Soft in 2015, golf has gone nuts for soft balls. Golfers love the feel so much, every brand now makes at least one lower compression, soft-feeling ball.

We’ve seen some interesting research (inside Ping’s Ballnamic testing database) lately that shows that if you can stomach a firmer feel, higher compression balls are a great option for maximizing driver and iron distance and upping full wedge spin, no matter what your swing speed.

If you love your current soft-feeling golf ball, don’t change. However, if your swing speed is around or below average (93mph with a driver) and you’re wavering over which ball best suits you, don’t hesitate to opt for firmer models. The evidence says that they will up distance a smidge while doing zero harm to your ability to spin and stop a wedge.

Learn whether you should be using a tour ball or one aimed at club golfers, if alignment aid balls will work for you, and how your ball choice can influence curvature and trajectory on the Today’s Golfer Members’ Website.

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